XTERRA World Championships Pre-race Report – The PR

Well since the Iron-girls are all sending race week updates I figured I would start sending out at “wazzuuuup” as we head into the last days before the big showdown. This week, it is all about the PR……

This year I had a lot of fun following some of my fellow Canadians as they blogged their way to the ITU World Championships. It is fun to look back at the blog entry versus race success history. In hindsight, you can tell from the words sent into the blogosphere what the race was going to deliver. That is, crazy amazing training means new level in racing. Troubles in training that you are trying to rationalize away is probably going to mean a tough day at the races.

This week I did a workout on my new Computrainer . Turns out that the lab model is a solid 6.8% harder at the same dialed wattage as my old trainer so I was hitting the 200bpm zone on a workout that I hadn’t planned to see the 200s in. Luckily I have a Powertap to record the results and reassure myself that yes, you did that workout with 20 more watts than last time, phew! It was a bit frightening at first and then it was totally wicked (20 more watts!) and then, really, it was a bit too hard of a workout in the end. This week I bugged my cycling coach from last year for some wisdom because I feel REALLY strong and I don’t want to mess it up. Houshang said this, “You only need to sharpen. You are very, very fit.” What was important was not the 200 bpm I was getting to, the important number was what my heartrate was after the one minute of rest. I suffered pretty bad on the bike but when I hopped on the treadmill to do my brick my legs were bouncing perfectly. No harm done and some more sweetass numbers to keep in mind when I am hauling ass uphill on Maui.

I am having some other decent days too. Scratch that… I kicked ass yesterday! I took one minute and thirteen seconds riding at a perceived effort of like 85% on a 9km climb I use to prepare for these climbing races. Last week I rode with my good buddy Palmer on the same climb and equalled my best time from last year so I knew things were right on track despite the mess in Tahoe. This week with no motivators around me, just riding to geterdone, one minute thirteen faster. I got home and lay on the floor considering this feat. Should I lay the bike down until Maui…? That is outstanding but freaking frightening at the same time… is it too early? Only the actual race will tell. I had another great day last weekend with Palmer and Shank running our 6km tempo. Sea level giddyup! Fun times when you are going fast! I will throw some numbers from these training sessions down after the race … can’t let the competition know exactly what they are in for 🙂

I was reading my buddy Simon’s blog before he went off to the ITU Worlds and his blog was littered with “best time”, “PR” and “in your face, competition, I am about to crush you”. Well, maybe not the last one but definitely the first two. I am feeling good about my good form. I have a log book laying down new Mel records and given last year I didn’t suck in Hawaii, to be crushing that form is a good thing.

Only a few days left of work to go. One of the things I always do before Maui is a big push in the pool. I tell you what, 5km of swimming is a LOOOOOOONG way. It always sounds so lame to cyclists, 5 km, but really swimming 90 minutes is a long time. Today we did 4km and although that was my norm for most of the season it actually felt short! I also felt really fast, I was doing 50s with some sprinting and since I was the only one doing the sprints I was kicking ass on the swimmers beside me. Take that my high schooler waaaay faster than me swimming group… in your face! Hehe, that is pretty much the only way I am getting to the wall faster than them…..

It sounds like I am crushing it but really, these last few weeks are not that hard. You can’t really build anything at this point. The work for Maui was done in the month BEFORE Tahoe. Now you are just trying to optimize. The only thing you can do now is burn yourself out! So, sharpen, feel good and think happy thoughts. The most fun race of the year is just over two weeks away. I am so excited!!!

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