Where do we go from here?

Ok, I could not stand another day of my "wee wee wee oh cry cry I had a bad race in Chicago" post so I am posting something new.  Yes, Chicago was so incredibly bad I wish I could erase my presence on the start line.   What do you do?  If you are sick, you are sick.  Probably should not have started but I did and it went poorly and wow, that is terrible.  Yes, you are only as good as your last race.  However, now that I have spent the last week recuperating (read: not training) I am fortunate to soon have the opportunity to toe the line again and turn my  next last race into something worth talking about.

So the question is:  what is the next race?  Unfortunately, not Los Angeles.  7 days of no training means Mel is flat and I think I need to go bike racing.  I am going to fly straight to Colorado and do two stage races instead, one road and one mountain, to make sure I can fly uphill on sandy terrain, going from 6,700 feet to up to 8,800 feet in somewhere over an hour and less than 90 minutes, then scream the descent with the greatest of ease and then run a freakin fast 10km.  Oh yeah, and swim in 50 degree water with higher surf than Hawaii.  That is Xterra Nationals and that is the next race I am going to win.

 You heard it here first.   

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