The Toaster Pastry – A Discussion


This particular ad has elicited a big response for me… namely, "You don’t really eat toaster pastries, do you?" This is my response…..

I admit, I have never had a toaster pastry until two years ago. The thought of the number of preservatives, different food colorings and hydrogenated trans fats in a Pop Tart meant that did not classify as food for me. When I did more road cycling I saw a ridiculous number of Pop Tarts because quick energy was the name of the game in long stages but they never really appealed to me.

For some people, they are a quick way to get a few calories in the morning before having real food a lunch time. For others they are just a sweet anytime indulgence. I say, if you LOVE toaster pastries, like some people LOVE donuts, cookies and muffins, better to have an organic one, with real organic ingredients, healthier fruit ingredients, no preservatives and the same yummy taste you are looking for. The blueberry Nature’s Path toaster pastries are REALLY good.

Pop Tarts are marketed mainly to children. Wouldn’t you rather your kids have a LOT less sugar but not really notice because you are feeding them something yummy?

This doesn’t mean I would eat one of these every day. However, every once in a while you HAVE to have something sweet… and a Nature’s Path Maple Cinnamon toaster pastry is a LOT better than the lard filled Starbucks maple oat bar you are thinking of buying.

It is all about making good choices!

Everything Nature’s Path does and makes I can stand behind. Everyone wants to make the best choices possible without having to deny some treats now and again. If we can minimize the damage our "treats" have on our overall diet we will all end up on the right track. In general, a bowl of Optimum is a better idea in the morning but if you just have NO time to pour milk on some cereal, choose Nature’s Path something else rather than the icky alternative.


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