Thank you, AVIA!

Although the lineup of partners for the 2013 season looks almost identical to that of 2012, there will be one significant change of note that I thought I would take a moment to recognize.

AVIA was wonderful in offering years of support to myself and many athletes, particularly those in off road racing. Through AVIA I met a lot of great people with interesting backgrounds. I learned a lot about shoe technology and was given the opportunity to think about what I really like in a shoe which has helped me as an athlete to learn what really does work for me.

AVIA will not be continuing with endurance in the future and I am excited to announce that I will be running as well as cycling under the Shimano umbrella for the coming season. I will be running in Pearl Izumi shoes and as I get more experience with the shoes I will be posting my thoughts on them for you to consider.

I am excited to further my relationship with the Shimano family by adding Pearl Izumi run shoes as they represent one of my longest relationships in sport.

This year Shimano will be rolling out a number of fancy pro bikes including my own with the new 11 speed Di2 group FC-9000. It just keeps getting better and better.

Thank you to Trek, Bontrager, Rudy Project, Powerbar, Polar, Shimano, Champion System, Cycleops, Nineteen wetsuits, ESI grips and USANA for the opportunity to go after that 70.3 Worlds event with vigor this season. Kicking things off with the event in Panama which is entirely too early but will be a good test to see where things are at early in the year. Certainly Oceanside will be the main focus for the start of the season but due to the points chase I chose to go to a race to get some points on the board early and try to not be in the hunt late in the season.

Thank you again, AVIA, for everything. Sorry to see you go but I only wish you guys the best as you establish yourself in sport.


Stay tuned as I test what PI shoe fits these feets the best;)

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