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Shoulder Prehabilitation Strength Exercises For Triathlon

 I wrote this article for ‘Shoulder prehabilitation’ means strengthening the shoulder’s resistance to injury – thus PRE-rehabilitation.  These shoulder strength exercises prepare the shoulder muscles that are the most vulnerable to injury from everyday swimming repetitive movement.  Strengthening these muscles improves your posture and body alignment.  For swimmers, and triathletes by extension, the most common injuries occur …

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Functional triathlon training program

Functional triathlon training program I am a big advocate of incorporating a functional triathlon training program, particularly for athletes older than 30.  The following workout is one I use to keep core muscles and the smaller muscles in the hips strong, while using plyometrics to build greater strength and power.  This workout has prehabilitation exercises which …

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Shoulder Prehabilitation Youtube Video

This shoulder prehabilitation Youtube video demonstrates three exercises that, when added to a regular core and stability program, can help to maintain shoulder health. In addition, creating a strong rotator cuff can lead to better biomechanics when you are swimming. This leads to faster swim splits. What is shoulder prehabilitation?