Another not so live Update

8:32am – Out of the swim and on the bike:

  • Candy Angle
  • Jenea Pritchet
  • Melanie McQuaid
  • Jamie Whitmore
  • 8:33am – Mel 1 minute down Jamie another 30 seconds

    8:38am – No times mentioned

  • Candy Angle
  • Melanie McQuaid

  • Jamie Whitmore
  • 8:47am – 2/3 of the way throught the bike:
    Melanie is now in first place Jamie is in second, Candy third, no other info at the moment…

    8:48am – Men

  • Conrad Stoltz
  • Brent McMahon
  • Dominic Gillen
  • 9:27am – Melanie first out on run Jamie 1 minute back Candy another 4 minutes back

    9:43am – Men Final

  • Conrad Stoltz has won
  • Brent McMahon
  • 9:46am – Jamie has passed Melanie

    Final – Jamie whitmore wins by about 1 minute, Melanie 2nd, Candy 3rd

    Xterra World Champion Live Updates: Bike to Run Women

    Melanie McQuaid has a four minute lead over sybil matter out onto the run and Jamie whitmore has just come into transition she is 6 minutes back

    Xterra World Champion Live Updates: Bike to Run Men

    Coming out of the bike to run transition it is Nico lebrun in first Mike Vine is about one minute back

    Xterra World Champion Live Updates: 1st lap of the swim

    Brent McMahon, Eneko llanos, Mike Vine is back in about tenth Sybil matter. Melanie in 4th about a half a minute ahead of Jamie whitmore