My First European Win – Xterra Italy!!

If you only have one race per year to travel to, make it the Xterra in Italy. This race, which is on the island of Sardinia and the village of Villacidro, is the best race experience this year, and probably the best race experience ever for me, Maui 2003 included. I can?t actually say enough about how great the people in Sardinia are, how amazing the fans were, how beautiful the course was, or how great the parties before and after the race were. It was everything that Xterra is about, family, fun and excitement. Winning the race also helped me to appreciate this venue, but I won because I was just so happy to be there. It is a great confidence boost because I believe the course is a lot like the race on Maui and I had a convincing win, with all of the best girls there. I stayed with Roberta Pittaus family, and they were so warm, generous and friendly I felt like I was the new blonde sister of Roberta. It was really, really cool. My week in Sardinia was amazing, the race went really well, and the story is to follow?.. Read more