When I got home from Arkansas I was Fried.  Capital “F” fried.  I was so burnt out on travelling you can’t even imagine it.  I started travelling in Little Rock at 10 am and didn’t get home until 12:00 PST.  To fly for approximately THREE hours!  The storm season in the US seems to be early and terrible this year.  Anyhow, I hit the wall when I came home.  I have never had a schedule of XTERRAs as compressed and aggressive as we have had this year.  If you think of it, an XTERRA is about an hour longer than your average mountain bike race so racing them back to back to back is very hard on your body.  You always find a million little bruises on your legs and arms after a mountain bike race, not knowing where they came from and after this many races I was finding bruises on my bruises and a lot of fatigue.  When I added to that the travel and lack of training I think I was just feeling “off” this week.  Like, I don’t care if I ever do another triathlon kind of “off”.   Don’t worry, it has passed with a couple good training sessions but I was in need of some respite for sure.  We did one of the most beautiful rides in Victoria… here is a pic of us.. before we were lost and frozen.

It was a rainy day but still pretty cool to be out there.

While I was gone, Ross put the finishing touches on his baby to make it driveable.  Yep, Ross built himself a hotrod.  I can hear him coming from about a kilometer away.  🙂  He loves it.  It is a really, really cool car.  Makes him look extra hot in my opinion but maybe I am just a tirebiter at heart.

Ross and his baby

Read more for the nerdy training recap and the schedule for the next week and a half…..


I have one more XTERRA in the series on my plate in Vermont.  I am really looking forward to that race because Vermont is BEAUTIFUL and I have high hopes for that course.  I am also staying at a place called the Catamount Outdoor Center which looks super cool.  If I didn’t have a race it would have been cool to do the Tuesday run and Wednesday mountain bike race there!  I love midweek racing.  I leave in just over a week but before I go I have one very important race.  The Canada Day Canadian Assault on Hurricane Ridge.  It is an informal “race” from the bottom to the top of Hurricane Ridge with 200 other silly Canadians.  We love invading the US for our holidays.  Hurricane Ridge is a 30km climb over in Port Angeles, WA and will be a super training day for me.

This past week I have been building back my base with some volume.  I started with some swim volume and did 3 days of 3km main sets inside a 5k workout.  One was 40×50 LCM on :45 with 1000 fins/paddles at race pace, then I did 20×100 on 1:35 with the same 1000 fins/paddles and the other day I did 10×400 on 6:00 pull/paddles and swim/paddles (little paddles) holding 5:20s (SCM).  The other two days I was open water in my wetsuit so I got over 21 km in last week plus I did a bonus swim after my long run open water… but it hardly counts.

I did two long rides, one was 4.5h of mountain biking, lost with Ross in the middle of nowhere doing laps (we knew sort of where we were) and the other was a tough day with Palmer (he punished me and my bad legs) doing two laps of Shawnigan with two climbs up Goldstream heights for a 5.5h hilly epic.  The other three days were shorter mountain bike rides.  I also did five runs, one hilly tempo effort of 3x lower loop at Cedar Hill with a second run at Mt Doug, one run in the neighborhood for an hour and a 90 minute run with 2x12mins, 1x 20 minute tempo at Thetis trying to find the steep hills.  My legs were starting to come back by the end of the week.  It has been way too long since I was able to do any training other than sharpening for a race.

Today I am just doing a swim and some gardening.  As much passion as Ross puts into his car – I put into growing more food than we can ever consume.  I am planning to can pickles and tomato sauce this summer if all goes according to plan.  Hopefully I am home for harvest!  After I finish this first block of racing I am doing a long endurance build with an extended period at altitude.  That isn’t all sorted yet but will be soon. For now, I am looking forward to a bit of summer at HOME!

Tomatoes and peppers




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