Stewart Mountain 10-Miler

I decided to put one last nail in my coffin this weekend and raced the Stewart Mountain 10 miler.  This after a week that started with me pretty much unable to walk and included one easy run to see if I could run at all.  The XTERRA Run Worlds really did ruin my legs.  So six days later I decided to run another 10 miles.  After my first plyometrics workout of the year. Yep, not so good.  My arse muscles were not at all happy.

So although I could not run uphill fast, I was fine for the flat rhythm sections and managed to run okay when it was flat to rolling.  The problem was the number of steep hills in this race which caused me to catapult backwards through the field at each one.  I also wasn’t saving myself any time by stopping to run around the puddles rather than get my feet wet (I really wasn’t committed to running fast.. only to running) so I think I was passed by at minimum two people every time I took the slow line.  The group that I was running with was pretty large at the beginning.  Unfortunately, my stop and run arounds cost me that pack and I ended up running pretty much alone before the hill and I slowed up considerably as a result.  To add insult to injury, because there was a slower start before us I ended up having to get my feet wet on the way back or wait for my turn to go through the slow/dry lines.  Should have just sucked it up to start with.  Another pair of cute pink Avias covered in goopy mud.

Although I would have liked to have run faster (I didn’t even get my fastest time for this course and I should have been faster) I would not have missed this race for the world.  Why this is not the most popular race on our local calendar I have no idea as it is the most spectacular run through the West Coast rainforest our area has to offer.  If you didn’t get your butt to Thetis to do it this year you should really make a note in your Outlook calendar to make it happen next year.  You certainly will not regret it!  What is 10 miles?  Seriously, you are gearing up for some of the biggest eating of the year.. you should put some miles in the bank in advance.

So anyhow I did manage to squeak the women’s win with Jessalyn O’Donnel taking a ver close second and Lysanne Lavigne in third.  Eric Findlay won the men’s event and we both took home sweet beer mugs to toast the holidays with.  Speaking of which, that race marks my last event in 2009.  It also means that I have gone from the Transition phase of training into Preparation.  I am no longer going to be able to behave poorly as soon I will be back at 100% training.  With Christmas and New Years coming I only have a significant plan for swimming but that in itself makes me behave as 5 am comes early.  We may only have a handful of late night Rock Band evenings in our future.  Well, who am I kidding… if the opportunity presents itself I guess I can have a nap.

Here’s a big fat thank you to Bob Reid for his support locally of my running.  Also to Frontrunners Westshore for putting on and supporting the local events that I think are the most fun.  Thank you to my local bio-mechanics:  Marcus at Leftcoast Health, Paul at Broadmead Orthopedic Physio, Day at Cedar Hill Sports Therapy and Dr. Vanessa Young.  Thank you for keeping the motor running this year!  Thank you to Ross for putting up with me and helping me to win a whole pile of races this year that did not include many of our intermediate sprints.  Thank you to Team Unlimited for rolling out an awesome tour and supporting myself and the other pro athletes in a meaningful and professional way.  I am so looking forward to another year!  Thank you to my sponsors, without which I would not be able to follow my dream of quitting my job to travel with the circus known as XTERRA, making our yearly pilgrimage around the United States.  Here’s looking forward to events in Canada next year!  Thanks to Avia, Specialized, Sundog Eyewear, Shimano, Maxxis, GU, USANA, Profile-Design, Pactimo, Saris, Titec, Nathan, Saltstick, Albabici, Sci-Con bags, Lazer Helmets, Probar, TYR and Genuine Innovations.  I am so lucky to have the opportunities I have.  I would also like to thank each and every member of MelRad Racing, for making the experiences from this year that much more meaningful, fun and rewarding.  I am so honored to have you guys want to race for my team and I hope that you took away a huge amount of experience from this year that will make you that much better next year. 

Which also leads me to our last note which is the 2010 team is in the last stages of selection.  Many athletes on the team are coached by myself but we did massage the numbers so that some really excellent athletes who recieve nominations could also come onboard.  If you are working on a nomination please send it in soon!  The team will be announced in early January!

Happy holidays… enjoy yourselves!


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