Looking to add some bounce to your springs?  Frustrated you aren’t running FASTER or are slowing down?  Join professional certified coach Melanie McQuaid for six weeks of strength, speed and power sessions for endurance runners.

Starting SATURDAY January 15, 2022 at Lambrick Park in Saanich, classes will run 4:00-5:15 PM Saturday afternoons.  

Classes are progressive, focused on developing speed skills including landing technique, direction of force, posture control and execution of drills.  Each class will incorporate sprint specific drills, strength work and dynamic mobility exercises designed to help you become a more elastic, durable and FASTER runner.  Classes are appropriate for all levels.

Athletes will also get access to 6 weeks of MONDAY MOBILITY classes in tandem with these sessions.  Mobility classes are facilitated either via livestream or as a VOD class option to do on your own time.

Get FASTER, more DURABLE, more MOBILE and learn skills required to run consistently.  These classes are perfect for kicking off a new race season and athletes racing during the months of January and February will be advised on how to modify in case a race falls on the Sunday following.

Your ticket to faster endurance running is learning how to go FAST and stay consistent while doing so.

Any questions?  Contact MELANIE for more information.

Mel sprints in a field