MelRad Squad Camp

Victoria BC, January 17-19, 2020

Designed to fit within a weekend’s time commitment, MelRad squad camps run from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. Each camp is unique in the specific focus but all contain swim, bike, run, and strength workouts.

Early season camps are skills-intensive.  MelRad Multisport coaching builds foundational skills and strength in all the athletes.  These MelRad Squad camps are an opportunity for athletes to work one on one with Melanie to assess and address gaps in proficiency.  The intensity of the training at these camps is mostly low but they can add up to significant volume.

Appropriate for all levels from beginner to professional.

Event Itinerary


Welcome campers! I am excited to launch our first camp of 2020.  Our December Squad camp was a ton of fun and I feel like every time we do one of these we all get better immediately.  Thank you for your energy, enthusiasm, and EFFORT!  This is going to be a supreme season. For those new to the program coming in, I encourage you to discuss with alumni their experiences so you can learn from them. The grizzled veterans will show you the way.

This outline will help you prepare what to bring to the camp and what to expect.  Only rule of the camp: 


Okay well in this case it is the worst case scenario weather.  Effin cold and effin wet.  So bring ALL the layers.  And a waterproof layer.  So waterproof jacket, gloves, booties and a double layer bootie for warmth if you have it.  It is going to be pretty cold.  This is the week as of today.  Not ideal… Sorry about that.  I have my fingers crossed that the trails clear on Thursday with that sunny weather.  Right now I honestly have no idea what we are going to be dealing with but I will come up with something.  And it will not be riding a trainer.

This is an opportunity to learn, have fun and get some fitness.  Everyone at camp is an ally.  Make friends, work together and learn from each other.  In sessions I will likely organize you guys in groups of similar focus or ability.  If you are grouped up please look out for and don’t lose anyone in your group.  It’s not a competition – it is a collaboration.  Seasoned MelRad Squad athletes are excellent to learn from so if you are new definitely ask questions of the alumni.

We will start with a quality run Friday at 6:00pm at UVic if it is not covered in snow and on Rainbow Hill if it is.  I will give you the last minute game plan.  Meet either at the track or at 944 Woodhall (my house) and I will send a message shortly before so you know where.  Bring hi-vis clothing and a headlamp.. the road is pretty safe and lit at Rainbow Hill and you’ll be on trails if we are at UVic but more high vis the better.  See below for what to bring in general to the camp. 

NEW ATHLETES WITH RUN INJURIES OR RETURNING TO RUNNING: you come to all of the sessions and they will be modified for what you can do.  Part of this camp is learning the sessions so you need to be there.  Plan to be exercising.  I am modifying each session to ability.

When you come to swims, mention you are part of a camp and don’t pay at the front desk for entry at Crystal Pool.  For the swim sessions you will need your swim toys, a yoga mat, and to be wearing gym strip on deck.  We will do mobility before every swim.  I added items I think are useful – if you don’t have them it isn’t a deal-breaker.

We are swimming Saturday morning meeting at dark thirty 6 am for mobility, workout description, etc.  Good times.

There will be a rest break until 10am when we will meet at Layritz Park Parking Lot for the bike session.  Right now I am optimistic I can set up a circuit.  With that, we will go over how to perform a few maneuvers and I will cone a track where you will practice on gravel then ride through some singletrack to apply on actual roots/obstacles.  It will be fun and I hope to keep you guys moving so you don’t freeze.  No run Saturday.

Then the group will be divided into the 2:15 pm or the 3:15 pm session at Crystal Pool.  I am breaking the group up into two groups so that I can have a bit more time with each athlete.    Plan to arrive ON DECK at those times to do dryland. 

The final Saturday session will be the 4:45 pm strength session for an hour upstairs in the fitness room at Crystal pool.

Sunday morning we will start at 8:45 am from my house and will either ride out the Peninsula towards Horth Hill or we will head out the Goose towards Sooke and Roche Cove.  Weather dependant. Bring your run shoes as this ride will have an off the bike run with a couple hill repeats from Woodhall.

After some warm showers and lunch, maybe have a nap, the camp will resume at Crystal Pool for another swim session.  The group will be broken up so arrive 15’ on deck before your session to do mobility.  First group is in the water at 2:30 so on deck at 2:15pm.  Group 2 on deck at 3:15pm.

The final session will be a strength routine in the studio at Crystal pool at 4:45.  I am going to teach you the BTC routine which will be a supplementary routine I want you to do all season to support your running.  Those doing the max strength in the gym do not need this routine during that phase but need it when we get closer to competition season and if the gym is ever closed.  

The best weather prediction is at  Look at what the “feels like” says.  It is wet and soggy so you want to dress very warmly and waterproof.

Equipment you need for the swimming:

  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Goggles
  • Yoga mat (not necessary the pool has mats)
  • Swim cords (most of my group has these and I have extras)
  • Snorkel
  • Dryland clothing comfortable for exercises on deck
  • Band (I have extras)
  • Fins (there are some at the pool I have size 9s)
  • Pull buoys available at pool

Equipment you need for the runs/ strength:

  • Layers for rainy weather and hat
  • Shoes (trail shoes and road shoes – I’m not sure what the surface is going to be like)
  • Headlamps
  • Hat
  • Good socks
  • Snacks
  • Training Nutrition
  • Water
  • A run watch
  • Mountain bike
  • Bike computer
  • Helmet
  • Ear warmers
  • Warm gloves (you can’t ride a mountain bike with mitts you need your fingers)
  • A good attitude

If you have any questions about where the locations to meet are please ask in advance if the google link is not working.

Any questions or concerns, please let me know.  I need the waiver/info sheet and payment on the Friday before as I will cancel space if I don’t get confirmation of participation by then.

On Saturday or Sunday night we should plan to get together to eat something.  I am open to any squad suggestions. Saturday might be good since we will all be at the pool and could head straight out.  You guys let me know.

Thank you and looking forward to it!!