What are MelRad Squad Camps?

MelRad Squad Camps usually take place in November, December, and January. Currently on hold due to Covid. 

Why Try MelRad Training Camps?

MelRad Multisport periodically holds weekend training camps with specific skills or fitness focuses.  These camps are an excellent opportunity for MelRad Racing athletes to spend time one on one with Melanie and new athletes to try out being a coached athlete in the program.

Designed to fit within a weekend’s time commitment, the camps run from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon.  Sessions include swim, bike, run, mobility, and strength work.  Each camp is unique in the specific focus but all contain swim/bike/run/strength workouts.

MelRad Cycling Specific training camps also may  incorporate mountain bikes and cross bikes in the winter months.

Early season camps are skills intensive.  MelRad Multisport coaching builds foundational skills and strength in all the athletes.  These MelRad Squad camps are an opportunity for athletes to work one on one with Melanie to assess and address gaps in proficiency.  The intensity of the training at these camps is mostly low but they can add up to significant volume.

Appropriate for all levels from beginner to professional.

Upcoming Camps

Check back for new camp opportunities!

Looking for More?

Try our weekly Mobility class, 1-on-1 coaching, or coaching on demand!

Monday Mobility Class

Livestream classes focused on myofascial release, stabilization and flexibility.

1 on 1 Coaching

Comprehensive preparation for any athletic goal you can dream of!

Coaching on Demand

Follow along with Mel with coaching videos in the time and place that suit you best.