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I just wanted to post a quick note to say that it isn’t that I don’t WANT to tell all that has been going on… it’s only best that I wait to let you know that whole story. Things have seemed pretty quiet here at the website but it is only because I didn’t want to let anything out before we are truly good to go.

Pretty exciting news about to come out next week.

In the meantime I have a couple spots left in the coaching roster but have been pretty busy putting together individual plans for all of my athletes. It is so good for me to have a chance to help guide another person’s season… the details are so important and reminding someone else of them helps me as well! I have a very diverse group of athletes and I am stoked to have them all trust in me and I look forward to proving that I can help them reach their potential.

As for me, I am doing my best in some crappy conditions. Luckily I was very focused on run volume rather than cycling volume through December so I haven’t been too far off track. I had some small problems with my achilles so that made it necessary to move a bit more cautiously into my plan. Then it snowed like crazy and the entire city absolutely sucks for training… whether it was deep, unplowed snow or icy, treacherous roads, either way we have been screwed. For now, I am trying to train in deep, slushy, messy snow that is driving me insane. I am going to set world records for the most time logged on a trainer for sure. Well, maybe not but 8 hours of riding and 3.5 hours of running on a treadmill is pretty close to insane. For one week, anyhow!

We did have a chance to spend a glorious Christmas Day in Ucluelet with our family and that of my sister-in-law Jill, the Bradys. It was a fabulous, family packed occasion with Jill, Ryan, Jack, Lucas, Dominic, Shawn, Ross, Mel, Christine, Brian, Calla, Heather, Sean, Brian, John and Dorothy (Gramma) all in Ucluelet for the weekend. I dragged my brother Shawn and his son Dominic out with Ross and I along 16 km of snow covered Wild Pacific trail for a wonderful three hour Christmas walk/hike. Poor Dom was pretty blown by the end of it all but I might as well get his training started early, right? We were all well recovered after a wonderful meal was created by my chef brother Ryan. Deep fried turkey is soooooo good! He runs the Delicados for my dad and his partners in Ukie so if you ever are going through… hit the Surfside Delicados for some yummy and healthful treats.

Stupidly, we have lost our camera charger and despite the fact that EVERY ONE of our family members has a Canon camera, not a single charger worked with my battery. That is very frustrating!!! So since we didn’t have a camera to capture the beauty of the Westcoast coastline, here is a photo taken by Christine. Beautiful!


Big Beach, Ucluelet, BC

More racing related posts to come…..

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