Sea Otter Cross Country

The cross country event did not go as well as planned.  I felt fluttery in my stomach all day but not anything that I can pinpoint as a definitive reason for my less than stellar race. I think maybe I was dehydrated.  Or overheated.  Something that could be addressed at the next super hot race!

I ended up 22nd after tumbling backwards from much closer to the front.  I actually felt comfortable in the mad sprint to the dirt off of the race track in stark contrast to last year but that is where the highlight reel ends.  For some reason I just was not recovering from anything all day.  I had a solid race according to hr profiles but the race itself was terrible.  I wasn’t going all out and I still blew up! 

It was very hot.  It was fun to ride the downhills… even if I had to pedal them all!  I really did expect more than I got that day though… so I am bummed about my result but focused on making sure the next race is better!

The Specialized crew lit it up.  Christophe Sauser won the XC, Todd Wells and Lene Byberg the Omnium overall.

Sid Taberly and Max Plaxton of the Sho-Air squad took second and third.  That is a LOT of Specialized bikes at the front of the field!  Conrad had a great race too in taking 8th in the cross country.

Two weeks to Vegas!

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