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Saris Superclamp EX Hitch Mount Bike Rack Review

Testing the Superclamp EX Hitch Mount Bike Rack

A hitch mount bike rack was on my wish list for a long time.  It took me five years to convince my partner that we needed one.  He drives the road tripping travel adventure machine with larger cargo space and snow tires. Without a bike rack, I was always complaining about disassembling wheels and seatposts and he would say: “Nature loves a vacuum.”  He did not want the rack as he figured the more space we had, the more I would fill with stuff.  But then came STEVIE!

Travelling with our furbaby adds a new dimension to our adventures.  With the crate, doggie toys, and booster seat we no longer have room for our bikes in the car so it was serendipity that Saris asked us to test the Freedom series Superclamp EX 2-bike hitch mount bike rack this summer.   This is the review our first hitch mount bike rack?????


Installing the Superclamp EX 2-bike is easy.  It is only 35 pounds and comes boxed in two main pieces.  One bar is locked into the hitch (it fits two sizes of hitch) and the bars that anchor the bikes is screwed onto perpendicular to the hitch bar.  I assembled it alone in ten minutes and I am not a mechanical wizard.  It takes an allen key (provided) and a crescent wrench to secure the rack onto the car.  The instructions are simple because the process is very simple.

Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Superclamp EX in the box

Once the rack is in place, you then place the last two wheel trays on it. The trays are universal for wheels up to 4″ but if you have extra fattie wheels you can order special trays from Saris.

Simple To Use

Not clamping or screwing things onto carbon frames is MONEY!  This rack has ratcheting arms to hold  wheels which are easily adjusted, not only for wheel height, but also forward and back to avoid awkward brake overlap with two bikes.  In the past, there might be issues with one handlebar knocking up against the other bike’s saddle.  With this rack you can create the offset you need to comfortably accommodate two bikes – no matter what the geometry.

There were features to this rack I didn’t actually know I needed until I discovered them.  One was the tilt option, where with a little tug on the race where it says “PULL” you can tilt the rack back far enough to open the back hatch.  That is brilliant.  Who doesn’t always need to cram more stuff in the back after you have loaded everything?   After tilting the rack back you simply push it back to level position where it automatically locks into place.  Easy peasy.


Another excellent feature are integrated cable locks.  Push a little button and a cable lock pops out that can be threaded through the rear triangle of the bike and locked into the rack.  No flapping U-locks on this slick set-up while keeping the bikes safe during the trip.

The Negatives are Minor

Oddly, the toughest challenge was getting a hitch installed on the SUV in the summer.  Once we overcame that hurdle (my advice is to book well in advance!) we were literally off to the races.

Saris Superclamp EX rack

Saris Superclamp EX tilts up for easy backing up when not in use.

The other Audi issue is with the backup camera.  It senses this rack all of the time.. so there is continuous warning when you are backing up that something is in the way.  Similarly, the blind spot warning system sees the rack so will flash constantly while the rack is on the car.  The blind spot warning system can’t be used with the rack on the car.. but the back up camera is still useful.  It just beeps a lot more.


5 out of 5! ?????

It is easy to recommend this rack.  It has everything you need and more. Easy install, easy use, integrated lock, and reflectors for day and nighttime visibility.  Also available in a 4-bike options for bigger bike gangs and that version has a bottle opener!  Mic drop ?.

You can find the entire Freedom series here at the Saris website.

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