Resting for the BIG One

I took Sunday through Friday after Utah OFF from training. I figure that every time I come back from that trip to altitude I end up getting sick and have to take the week off anyways so might as well do the same thing healthy! It was great to spend the week without a schedule but given the weather was not incredible I still ended up bored before it was time to climb back on my bike. I did get in the water a couple of times and it blows my mind how much faster I swim without cycling or running. I was ALMOST fast last week. Unfortunately, that speed has already disappeared now that I am riding again…

So during my downtime I planned the training plan up to Tahoe with an eye on the race in Maui. With only three weeks between the two races you can’t really peak 100% for both so obviously my main focus will be Hawaii and I will not do a complete taper for Tahoe. I will also have to do some hard work when I am in Las Vegas for Interbike otherwise it will be too many down days for me. So, I am going to do Crossvegas. I think I am going to be annihilated. It will be a super great field and I have NEVER done a cross race and I will ride a new bike I have never seen before. Sounds exciting!

I also have planned an altitude mountain bike race to get ready before the Tahoe event. If only there was one more mountain bike race in October!! I haven’t had any training partners this year so I have to drive to find groups of them at mountain bike races. My hour of power intervals are pretty good for being alone but I know I have plenty of gas in the tank because I haven’t dug as deep without chasing the boys. This week I have a group of roadies to ride with which will help me get the miles in I am looking for. Seven weeks of racing means I have definitely detrained a little on the bike so I am planning three weeks to blast myself back into shape down at sea level followed by three weeks to acclimate and sharpen for Tahoe. You may see me at your local races if you live in any of Truckee, Sacramento, Incline Village, Big Bear or Las Vegas.

So to sign off I will describe the fun evening I had at the end of my rest week. We had four of our favorite friends for dinner, Maia, Woodie, Day and Bill. Since I was not training much I spent two days preparing dinner (mostly because I made all of the bread, including the raisin crisps, and the Pain a L’Ancienne requires two days). Here was the menu. My friend Day brought the cheeses so I may have some mixed up but here is my best effort on it:


Grilled Prosciutto wrapped Asparagus/ Grilled Eggplant Caprese Pockets/Mixed Olives
(Rodney Strong Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and 2005 Laughingstock Portfolio)


Prawn and Seared Tuna Cocktail (on a bed of vermouth scented couscous with a nest of baby arugula)


Seed Encrusted filet of wild salmon on a bed of sautéed beet greens and mixed color chard
(2003 and 2004 Blue Mountain Pinot Noir)


Smoked cheddar/Saltspring Island goat brie/Breusse Blue/French Brie with whole wheat raisin pecan crisps


Avocado/hazelnut semifreddo
(Quails Gate FVF)

I included some of the amazing wines that we collectively contributed to the dinner. A big pile of foodies were over so there was some effort to pair the wine but not until we got to the main. At the beginning of the evening we just drank delicious wine which actually paired quite well since the asparagus and the eggplant were somewhat rich and salty with the prosciutto and bocconcini. YUM! It was really, really fun to just DO IT UP for an evening. I should have taken photos. Next time!

So anyways, despite the fact this meal sounds super crazy bad for you it actually wasn’t. Most of the meal was centered on VEGETABLES. The meat portions were kind of large because the salmon filets they cut for me were huge but it just meant everyone (but Bill) had lunch the next day. It was somewhat healthy overall. All the breads I made were multigrain and home baked so no junk anywhere in the meal.

So that is last week and now we are on to this week. I am heading out for a 5 hour road ride to Jordan River today… let the training begin!

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