This program allows you to build your base endurance fitness using your choice of cross-training while staying in touch with sport-specific fitness for any discipline of triathlon: from XTERRA to sprint to Ironman.  This program offers workouts for 8 weeks that allow flexibility in sessions while still developing meaningful triathlon fitness.

It is designed to be scaled to YOUR time available.

Designed by 3x XTERRA World Champion Melanie McQuaid, this program will provide key training stimulus you need to pivot to triathlon training later in the season.

This plan also unlocks access to MelRad Racing squad Office Hour seminar events and early access to Squad and Tri the Dirt training camp events.  If you are curious about what the MelRad philosophy is, this is a good introduction.


Price is $149 USD


The workouts are prioritized each week so you choose which ones you do according to your available time.  Training at least 6-8 hours/week is advised before starting the program.


The 8 WEEK CROSSTRAINING TRIATHLON TRAINING PLAN includes a minimum of 10 workouts per week.  Most weeks include 3 of S/B/R but the idea is to incorporate skiing, skating, hockey, basketball, snowshoeing and racquet sports to crosstrain and take a break from ONLY triathlon training.  If more time is available, extra time can be spent equally in all sports but adding more time in a 2:1 ratio of cycling to running is advised.


Sure! If you have more than 8 weeks, repeating weeks is effective.  You definitely want to make sure you have 8 weeks of SPECIFIC training after this to get ready for your first race.


Adding COACHING ON DEMAND will complement this program.  Adding GENERAL STRENGTH CIRCUITS on run days is a great way to mitigate overuse injury risk and speed up recovery.  There is a strength routine provided as an optional session in this plan but using the COD Library to complement this program will add variety and coaching instruction to your strength training.


There are specific instructions included in the document on how to execute the sessions, equipment needed and an explanation of some of the intensities described in the workouts.  But if you have more questions just CONTACT MEL!! 

Email support is provided with this plan.

Please make sure you consult your physician to ensure you are ready to embark on this or ANY training program.  Once you have committed to buying this plan it is YOURS and you can use it for any race you choose.  There are no refunds once you have committed to purchasing.

If you would like MORE CUSTOMIZATION I am all about that!  Just book a consultation and I will commit some time to addressing your unique needs to make this plan work best for you.

Ready to get to work?  Let’s take the guesswork about WHAT you are going to do and you just focus on DOING THE WORK and HAVING FUN!

melrad crosstraining plan