Racergirl Television Episode 8 : The Flat Changing Contest

Welcome to another Tuesday! Time for another episode of Racergirl Television.

Our latest episode of Racergirl Television is a fun offseason competition but could also be a useful practice session for anyone. When was the last time you tried using an air canister like a Genuine Innovations Big Air to change a tube? Those Big Airs and little cartridges don’t last forever so use your old ones to challenge your friends to a contest and time yourselves. Each second is one you have lost in a race!

My last practice session was unhappily on the side of the road at the Lake Stevens 70.3 but since I had not practiced with a disc wheel I forgot all about the little adaptor you need to put air in it! That little adaptor was not useful to me in the transition area rather than on my bike. These DETAILS are what you need to take care of before race day so imagining the entire scenario and practicing it is a good idea. This little contest can help.

I did win a flat changing contest a million years ago in Canmore at the World Cup. However, that was a mountain bike wheel with tubes in it which indicates how far back in ancient history that was. This latest go around? You’ll have to watch to see how it went.

Enjoy the show!

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