Racergirl Television Episode 9: Running the WIld Pacific Trail, Ucluelet

Welcome to another Tuesday and another episode of Racergirl Television.


Today’s video will give you a glimpse into the beauty on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.  I tried to run the 8.4km Wild Pacific Trail with my GoPro HD2 and the chesty mount but when I finished the almost 2h run and looked at the video I realized that the chesty mount is fantastic but my running is too bouncy.  The chesty is perfect for mountain biking but for running you have to have yourself in the video for the stabilization to work.  Learning as I go along! Sadly the “story” of the trail was lost because it was bouncy.

Regardless you can see how gorgeous the coastline is and I think any athletic person would love to give the trail a go.  You could do it with your offroad strollers etc but it would be a MASSIVE workout to run that way because it is super hilly.

You can see what we want to protect in British Columbia from the risk of an oil spill disaster like what happened in the Gulf of Mexico. This is just a tiny glimpse of what we have. Please sign this petition:


To ensure that our insane government is never allowed to go ahead and risk this kind of natural beauty for a small number of years of oil profit. We all need to try to do our part to encourage movement away from oil and definitely not risk our natural environment because of it.


Enjoy the show

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