Racergirl Television Episode 15: Fast Cars Are Awesome

Bob Saunders has been supporting athletes in Victoria, BC for all of 20 years. However, he isn’t just supporting athletes. He has sponsored national training centers, coaches, events, athletes and initiatives across so many disciplines you can describe him as a “Patron Of All Sports”. He is at http://www.saunders.subarudealer.ca

I was one of the first beneficiaries of Bob’s generosity when he sponsored the CCSD Cycling Center a million years ago with a “team” car. We took that Forester all over the place with Yury back in the day. Good times.

So fast forward to Mel’s non-Olympic career and Bob is still stoked on athletes doing their thing no matter what venue. I needed a car to match my personality. Bob and his daughter Edie helped find my match. The Subaru WRX Sti couldn’t be more appropriate.

On behalf of the many athletes in Victoria I want to extend a huge thank you to the Saunders family for being so supportive of so many sports. Athletics is what makes Victoria and awesome place to live. Having local businesses RECOGNIZE that and put their efforts into building that culture is invaluable. Thank you so much you guys!

Okay on with the show. Check out my race car… and meet Bob Saunders. He is an awesome guy.

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