Racergirl Television: 12 Days of Xmas Spin

This workout was designed for a 1 hour spin class on a Powerbeam or a Cycleops fluid trainer. Ideally you have cadence at minimum…. this workout did not incorporate watts.


I also coach a group at Catalyst on Monday nights on spin bikes where we incorporated standing drills instead of cadence since those bikes do not have cadence.


If you are diabolical and want a LONG workout.. you can do this as traditionally the 12 days of Christmas works where you repeat each previous action on the list as you move from one to twelve:

ie 1st day,  2nd + 1st day,  3rd+2nd+1st day……until you get to 12+11+10+9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1

However, that will be a 2 hour workout not including the core exercises which will be astonishingly difficult if you do them that many times.  Not how this was intended.  We did this once straight through in my 60 minute spin class. But, fill your boots if so inclined.

I also tested Christmas music in my Monday class and it was a #fail.  Christmas music only makes you want to stuff yourself with sugary treats, sip creamy alcoholic beverages in the afternoon and sit on a couch reminiscing.  It doesn’t inspire effort and suffering.  Rock out, people!

All of the exercises are demonstrated in the Racergirl TV clip in this post if you aren’t sure of any of the exercises.



1st day of Christmas:

1x 1′ spin(actually you want to warmup for 10′ or so but if you are doing the 12 days of xmas for 2hours I figured 5′ easy wasn’t worth having here)

2nd day of Christmas:

2x (30 seconds spinup to max cadence/30 seconds easy)

3rd day of Christmas:

3x 30seconds of plank position alternating left side/front/right side

4th day of Christmas:

4x 10 rpm increases/minute (start at 100 for 1 minute then 110/120/130rpm)

5th day of Christmas:

5x 10seconds of plank hops with 5 seconds rest

6th day of Christmas:

6x 1minute alternating single/double leg pedaling

7th day of Christmas:

7x10s (70s) of pushup/knee to elbow

8th day of Christmas:

8x 1minute alternating 60rpm big gear/100rpm easy gear

9th day of Christmas:

9x10s (90s) of running man plank position

10th day of Christmas:

10 minutes as 90/100/110/120/130/130/120/110/100/90 rpm

11th day of Christmas:

11x plank hip thrusts/side

12th day of Christmas:

12x 20 seconds accelerating an easy gear to high cadence/40seconds  easy


Cool down

Merry Christmas!



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