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I just came home from another visit to the masterminds at Endurance Rehab and Cyclologic down in Scottsdale, Arizona.  My main goal for this trip was to test my progress in my hip rehabilitation and reassess my bike position once the progress of my injury had been analysed. 

I was very disappointed with the opening races of the season but in reality, I was pretty far behind my competition in preparation and the outcome reflected that.  The races early season indicated I would be better off getting in some work rather than competing so I scratched from some events I had planned for early May in favor of taking the opportunity to do a solid block of training and then reassess.

There are a lot of really great professionals in Victoria who have been so helpful in getting me back into a position where I can fully train.  I have a huge amount of support from Synergy Health Management, in particular Jamie Grimes, which is why I am on the comeback trail from injury.  Had Jamie not been realistic about where I was at and adamant that I had to stop training I would probably be just scratching my head wondering why my back was sore and I was racing so poorly.  The issue is that although we have great people here in town, they don’t get to work together.  My bike fit with Houshang needed to be alongside a therapist like Jamie but coordinating that is tough/impossible.  This is why I am lucky to get the chance to work with Paraic at Cyclologic and Wolfgang at Endurance Rehab in concert with one another.

Paraic uses the Dartfish system when he does fits.

This is where this facility stands alone as great minds get to work side by side to ensure that everyone is aware of EVERYTHING.  They have many years of experience and have the ability to work directly with eSoles for any kind of orthotic required so an athlete can find the most biomechanically correct position and then find what makes them the fastest from head to toe.  I have been so fortunate to take advantage of this.

My main problem moving to the 70.3 distance is very little body awareness as far as what should be comfortable for aero position.  In essence, I was so hurried in trying to transfer fitness from mountain bike to time trial bike I just set things up without really reassessing what I was doing or how it was feeling.  In doing so, once I committed to more riding on my Trek Speed Concept in 2012 I ran into trouble.

It is taking weeks at a time for my body to relax and adapt to the changes we are introducing it to but I do feel like I have more support for putting together my best triathlon now.  The latest visit also included some new exercises to challenge my hips to support more explosive power.  I will be sure to share one or two with you on Racergirl Television.

I was soaking up the strength exercises like a sponge and wanted to take all of the equipment home with me to recreate the Endurance Rehab environment in my own training room.  Nate was so kind to let me take some of the equipment right off the floor, haha!  I was pretty excited to drag my giant blue foamy block through the airport.  Thanks Nate!

Still a work in progress for sure!

We also had the chance to do some VO2 max testing with Jeff Kitchen and test some shoes out to see which Pearl Izumi shoes would be appropriate for training and racing.  Video analysis tells you a lot about what is going on with your feet so I would highly recommend using this technology in making your own decisions.

I have been pleased with my progress during the last few weeks so I am looking forward to testing myself again at the XTERRA event in Alabama.  I miss pushing my limits so much!  In hindsight though, I am learning so many things I did not know before which I am sure are going to make me so much better. 

This is where I insert the big fat thank you to Adam Zucco at Trainingbible for his help in overhauling my return to run form.  I work really well with Houshang for my bike program but my run needed more guidance.  Thanks also to Simon Whitfield for graciously offering his advice to us when he “trains” with us long course types at Clint Lien’s morning swim club.  That guy has a lot of good info and we are lucky he is fairly mellow about his own training right now because his input into our efforts has been invaluable.  I also have been fortunate to be surrounded by athletes like Brent McMahon, Tenille Hoogland, Sara Gross and Magali Tissyere which is definitely lifting the performance bar for the YYJ long course pro triathlon group.  It is an exciting time for triathlon in Victoria and it is about time we had a proper group of long course athletes training here.  Victoria is the new Boulder people, pack your stuff and get here!  J

Who isn’t excited to run with custom Champion System running shorts! #awesome

Thanks for following along and see you at the races!

I know you are dying to know the garden’ progress so here’s a short update 🙂

April 5, 2013


May 5, 2013

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