2019 MelRad Multisport Winter Strength Camp


Melanie McQuaid of MelRad Multisport is holding a winter strength training camp in Victoria, BC.  This triathlon training camp is focused on building solid technical foundation for triathletes looking to kick off training for the 2019 season.  Workouts will focus on movement pattern on force generation.  Athletes will be grouped according to specific strengths to work at their present fitness level.  Workouts are strength based so will not be overly taxing but the weekend builds to a significant training load with multiple sessions.

Athletes will swim/bike/run.  Potentially the bike day will be a cross bike or mountain bike day depending on weather.  If it looks terrible it will be a trainer workout.  Run posture and mechanics are discussed during the run training.  Two swim sessions are held to assess and build triathlon specific swim mechanics.

Limited spots are available.  Cost is $250 plus GST

MelRad Winter camp


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