Product Testing A Powertap on the BMC Shiver (and a Fourstroke for Ross)

This is a shoutout to all of my poor friends stuck in central Canada under 50 centimeters of new snow.

Luckily only a few spring flowers are visible at this time of the year because otherwise, the mix of green and bright spring yellow and purple would be truly blinding .

Yes, smugness over the weather is a prerequisite for living on the Westcoast of Canada.

Enjoy… this is a crap video we took with my camera on a ride this past weekend. Victoria is the best!

The top section of “Fun Trail”


Another section… both of which are much scarier from the top looking down:


And Ross, riding a section while I took a crappy video, with his wrecked shoulder but still having fun:


How often does stopping to take video of how cool the terrain you are training on happen in road triathlon? Reason # 8,456 why I think XTERRA is so much cooler than Ironman or ITU. Sorry SQW… it is the truth…although both Ross and I still think you are awesome.

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