Oh off to altitude train I go…

I finished XTC Canada, an offroad triathlon in Port Moody, BC which will become our Canadian Nationals in 2007, just before heading down here to Gunnison, Colorado.  This will be my home base for my three week altitude camp leading into Lake Tahoe for the US Xterra National Championships on October 1st.  I think I am going to be ready.

The race on Saturday at Buntzen Lake was hard.  Hard not only because I felt like poo coming off a week of being sick but also just plain hard.  It was cold and rainy.  The bike course was pretty unforgiving, with lots of loose steep climbs that my crappy legs just could not get me up.  Plus the run was hilly and sketchy in sections and after a hard bike course with bad legs I was suffering.  Danelle Kabush was right on my heels the whole race making it a hard day at the office.  She schooled me on the run by almost 2 minutes!  I was glad to put that race in the bank because I needed to shake out the cobwebs before Tahoe so I think the next race is going to be much better. 

That being said, Xterra Canada is a must attend.  It is stunning.  The scenery is incredible. The swim is in a clear lake that is smooth as glass.  The bike course is sketchy when it rains, but just plain fun no matter what .  The run course is PERFECT training for Maui… just the right amount of hills interspersed with speed.  You should go.  Next year I am going to claim the national title so I will see ya there.

 Now I am up…. waaaaaay up…. sucking air through a straw at 7700 feet.  Gunnison is so cool.  I ride a town bike to go grocery shop, swim, to the bike store… you don't need a car here which rocks.  Ashley and Jackie Burt are my hosts who are also training for the race in Tahoe.  We are united with a common purpose… Tahoe domination.  It is so great.  Ashley, Jackie and Brian Smith took me out on this ride today to the top of the earth where I could barely push my granny ring (I think they were all about 15 minutes in front of me on an hour climb… wait till next week you guys!) and then we rode down a sketchier than Maui rocky descent that rattled the fillings I don't have out of my teeth.  FUN!  I was dropped mercilessly.  The swim and the run before dinner were accomplished because we are united by a common purpose.  Train hard and smart.  I love training camp.

 So I will be back with the details of my Tahoe preparation in a week.  I go road race this weekend, then I do a week of specific training before I head to Tahoe.  I will fill you in on the deets before the race so you have some info to take to the bookie before you place your bets on finishes in Tahoe.  

 I know who my money is on Laughing

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