MelRad Training Plans cover the ESSENTIALS of preparation for your event.  Both sport specific and strength training is included. 

You can be confident you get all the quality work you need in the workouts with flexibility to choose fun unstructured sessions as well, either on your own or in groups you have joined.

Instructions are clear and concise even when some of the deliverables are complicated.  Triathlon is a challenging and dynamic sport and these plans are designed to help you understand how to train your best.

Plans are scaleable:  they work according to what you realistically can commit to each week.  Consistently hitting the number of workouts suggested for your average training volume is your best road to success.  These plans are designed to be used more than once as you build capacity over time and the time you have available fluctuates.

MelRad Training Plans

Self Directed Training Plans

MelRad Training Plans are appropriate for all levels from beginner to professional.  They are based on the exact training philosophy that has helped athletes race and WIN a at the highest level both in pro and age-group racing.

Best of all, choosing a MelRad Training Plan makes you a PART OF OUR SQUAD!  You get a training plan, a team to belong to, access to discounted team gear and email support.  Join us and discover what it is to #RACERAD.

Looking for More?

Any plan can be paired with a ONE HOUR CONSULTATION to customize the training to your fitness and lifestyle.


Adding Coaching on Demand provides a library of strength, activation, and technical skill videos to complement the workouts.

Monday Mobility Class

Livestream classes focused on myofascial release, stabilization and flexibility.

1 on 1 Coaching

Comprehensive preparation for any goal, a rad team, and a fun vibe. The raddest squad ever.

Coaching on Demand

Follow along with Mel with coaching videos in the time and place that suit you best.