Lookin Forward To a Sweetwicked Weekend

I think the whooping cough is getting ready to leave the building.  I still hacked a little at swimming today but not so much that I couldn’t finish before my sendoff to make the pace times.  I think Ron couldn’t decide whether to pile on the mileage or make me do less.  In the end the last days have been heavenly and short… only 5.4 and 5.6km each.  I remember back to when that wasn’t so short.  In fact, I was so devastated about not really being able to train last week and only got in 17km of swimming.  Then I looked at my averages from last year at approximately 15km and it all seemed so silly to be worried.  Of course, I still feel a bit crappy and I forgot how to run and swim and bike but it should all come back to me soon.

And it better because there is some SWEETWICKED racing this weekend here in Victoria.  My favorite store, ProCity***, is hosting the first Island Cup mountain bike race this Sunday at 10am.  Who needs to leave town to train??  Bring it on people, I am racing the “expert” division and we get to ride the funnest trails ever including your favorites like Shock Treatment, Little Face, Fire Drill and that one near that rock with the tree and the root.. you know, with the dirt?  Registration is from 9-12 and the clocks change I think so be prepared for that.  Beginner racing at 10:30, intermediate at noon and experts go at 2pm.  Leisurely!   More info on trails etc HERE.

See ya there people!  Maybe we should all do a fourth lap on foot just for fun….  oh and Victoria triathletes out there on the interweb, XTERRA Canada is Sept 5th.. time to start practicing!

***  ya, I know, it’s not a Specialized store but what can I say.  The boys are cuter there 🙂


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