Last Note Before The Race

Sorry the site has been so quiet lately… I guess I was just head down, get ready and stop thinking for a few weeks.  I thought about posting some of my progress but then I ended up not.  I did a bit of twittering but the proper posts were missing.  It also didn’t help that I don’t have a computer ready to go right now but excuses, excuses….

So tomorrow is the BIG ONE.  We are in Maui rested, relaxed and ready to go.  Tomorrow I am going for a fourth title and Ross is going to be Twittering the events as they unfold.  You can find his posts here at on the left hand column of the site, on my facebook page and on my twitter page at

I have been asked the question “How do you feel?” so many times this trip and it is tough to really put my finger on exactly how I feel.  Ready, excited and motivated are a good place to start.  This race is very unpredictable so coming here at your best form can sometimes not be enough.  I hope that this year that will be enough.  So I am going to do what my friend Lynley suggested and “embrace the opportunity I have to be here”.  That is a very good way of describing how I really feel.  Grateful, fortunate, happy and proud to be here, with a big group of my friends and Mel’s Rad Racing Team.  Life is good.

Until tomorrow.. when it is show time!  If you are here in Maui to race, please come visit me at the Specialized tent at 11 am downstairs at the Makena Golf Resort.  We are giving away posters and goodies to racers!

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