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MelRad Racing Squad

Training hard without results is discouraging.

Training hard year over year experiencing declining ability is discouraging.

It doesn’t have to be like that.  You do NOT have to get slower while you get older.  In fact, you absolutely could be faster.

Training smart according to your own needs and physiology is the only way to achieve your potential.  There are no magic workouts, biohacks, or secret supplements that will provide improvement.  Only smart and progressive training that addresses gaps in proficiency and skills will lead to improvement.

MelRad Multisport embraces this philosophy and Melanie has experience coaching endurance athletes  in all triathlon disciplines and distances, mountain bike events and road cycling.  If your goal is your first Ironman. Leadville 100 miler, or an XTERRA event, the MelRad Multisport program is for you!

Training should be basic, simple to understand and effective.  I will teach you to understand the fundamentals of training and how to get the best of yourself.

I personally coach ALL of my athletes.   All programs suit your unique needs, limits, and personal goals. I can find the best in you and make the most of the time you have.  I have coached athletes to regional age group wins, national wins and World Championship titles.  If you want to put in the work, I will show you the way.

“Having Mel as my coach this past season was an incredible experience! As she states on her coaching page “If you want to put in the work, I will show you the way” and she did that plus much much more!

She delivered me a detailed tailored training program. I found that she was constantly tweaking and updating my program to find a healthy, realistic balance between my work and home life yet pushing me to be my very best in all my athletic endeavours. The level of communication I received through out was astounding as she always made herself available to me by utilizing all methods of communication such as phone calls, texting and emails. Through out my season I felt Coach Mel was fully invested and committed to helping me achieve my lofty goals. I can truly attest that with Mel as your coach you will receive a coaching service of the highest level.

Just some of the rad experiences Mel helped me achieve this season:

Qualified for Xterra World Championships
1st M30-34 Xterra Victoria
2nd Masters M30-39 Victoria Canada Cup MTB XC
2nd Expert Male Overall in Alberta Cup MTB XC Series
2nd overall 5peaks Squamish 13km Enduro Run

I highly recommend Melanie as a coach to anyone!

Services include:

  • Unlimited email contact to explain and support workouts
  • Weekly contact by phone
  • Planned testing to analyse how things are going and ensure accurate  training zones
  • Set-up of an annual training periodization designed around races and priorities
  • Determining and addressing physiological limiters and monitoring of progress throughout the season
  • Pre/post event support:  analysing race outcome, discussing strategies and approaches.
  • Discussion of race nutrition and approaches to different courses for both mountain bike and triathlon.
  • Sharing detailed knowledge of numerous multiday mountain bike races and how to prepare body and equipment.
  • Specific pacing plans for all of your races including wattage recommendations on the bike
  • Online TrainingPeaks diary submit/track results

I not only coach athletes physically, I prepare you mentally. As a coach for executives and a public speaker, I can help you master the mental side of the sport.  I will create a personalized Annual Training Plan with your key races in mind and then build a program based on 1-4 week cycles to help maximize your strengths and work to minimize your weaknesses.  With a BSc in Chemistry and Biochemistry, I have an objective and scientific approach to training methodology. However, my race experience is how I can get the best results because EXPERIENCE counts.

I have that experience.  I have raced:

  • UCI Road Cycling World Championships
  • 5 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships
  • 5 IM 70.3 World Championship
  • 12 XTERRA World Championships
  • 2 ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships
  • Podium at professional level road, cross country mountain bike, endurance mountain bike, XTERRA, ITU Cross Triathlon, Half-Ironman, Full Ironman, Challenge, and trail run races.
  • Won 6x professional half Ironman distance races
  • Second place at full Ironman distance

I can help you have your best performance and help you control circumstances to make each race one you can be proud of.   I understand the intricacies of high performance and the challenge of balancing multisport in a busy family and professional life.

I have CAC Coaching Certification and have been coaching athletes, pro and amateur, for 10 years.