Have you met my friend Marilyn?

One of my favorite people is Marilyn Arsenault, famous for her amazing Mindful Strides (www.mindfulstrides.com) running clinics. She is an incredible person with amazing talents ranging from opera singing to marathon running with quick wit and humor to the nth degree. She is awesome and so good at everything she does.


So she asked if I wanted to audition for The Amazing Race Canada with her and I agreed to, thinking the race was next year. Well it is actually this year and I don’t know what I would do if we got chosen but I know we had a fun time making this video. Marilyn’s friend Sarah was our director but really, she should have been in the video as well. She is as funny as Marilyn. I am hoping to get a Racergirl Television episode with these two gorgeous and vibrant women to talk about Mindful Strides as soon as they are back from Hawaii.


So anyway, enjoy the video. Why not apply, right?


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