Obviously this contest will end on SUNDAY… but if you are closest guessing my time for the XTERRA World Championships (to the second..) you will WIN!!!

I will be more clear… the person who guesses my FINISHING TOTAL TIME for the race on Sunday is going to win this year’s contest.

What do you win, you say?????

An oh so skeezy custom Pactimo Maui Mel edition short sleeved cycling jersey AND a matching custom signed version of the very trisuit I am sporting at the World Championships this year. There are only TWO of these things in the whole world. ONE for Mel to wear for the television coverage of this year’s event and ONE for the winner of this contest.

This lovely outfit comes complete with Mel’s signature and a matching jersey… aloha!

You must be a registered user to win as you ENTER by posting a COMMENT on this blog. REGISTER TODAY FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN!!!

Do your research…..check the weather network…. and expect some fast racing!

The contest will end at 9am Hawaii time on Sunday… as soon as the race starts. The webmaster is going to post a comment at race start so if you don’t get your time in before that…yer outta luck. Also, if you guess a time that someone has already guessed… the first post will win. You might need to go through the list to decide your strategy.

Here is the small print: In the event of a tie… that is, two people are EXACTLY the same time from my actual time….naturally the faster time is going to win. GOOD LUCK!!!

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