Gillian Kicking Butt

Gillian is Ross’s sister’s daughter.. so I guess she is my niece-in-law!  Haha.  Anyways, all of us are so proud of Gillian for winning the all around competition in her first dressage show.  She and Florine took 2nd place in her first dressage test, 1st place in her 2nd test and won 1st place overall (High Point) for the morning as she had the highest dressage test score of all.  

Gillian and Florian – the class of the field

I just wish I looked as beautiful and elegant at the finish of my races!

A long, long time ago, I started as a horsey person as well.  Although, I was always about speed as I barrel raced and did all the rodeo horse speed competitions.  I NEVER was able to ride as well or as beautifully as she can.  Congratulations on a fabulous performance Gill!


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