Ever Wonder WHO Won The Contest??

Well it took me awhile to get a picture of the winner of this year’s contest… and a little bit of thought to decide who should win since I really didn’t GET a time at the World Championships this year.

Click HERE to meet our winner….

Meet my nephew Jack. He actually guessed 20 minutes first, so would win if we went by the quickest time since really, my race was over before the winner actually crossed the finish line. His next guess was then 3:16, which turns out was the LONGEST guess as well. Given it looks like it will take me a YEAR to get back and finish the race he wins the contest! Feel free to go back and go over all of the comments HERE to see the guesses we had.

It is only fitting that he should get the jersey that says McQuaid on the back, given he is a McQuaid and rips pretty awesome on his bmx. I am so excited that he gets the jersey.


Meet Jack and my other nephew Lucas… Lucas is wearing my tri top. Yes, it was tight….


The cool personalization for Jack…..


I was given two of the trisuits and jerseys by Pactimo. I decided to give the other jersey to my other brother Shawn’s son Dominic. I think he was more stoked about it since he chose to not take off his “McQuaid” jersey for the next few days. Looks good on him ,huh? My dad owns a cool mexican restaurant, hence the desperado theme.

So there you go. Although the whole thing certainly smacks of nepotism, everyone had equal opportunity to guess the fastest time and the slowest time. The fact that the other fastest time recorded in the comments belongs to my brother Ryan (thanks bro, going to get that done this year!) who is Jack’s dad, I don’t think he has any problem with who got the jersey. And to all you entrants NOT related to me, haha, you will have another opportunity to win cool stuff from Pactimo, Sundog, GU and all of my other cool sponsors in upcoming competitions this year. I still have one of the special trisuits left. It will go to the second slowest time recorded… which belonged to Cereal Killer.

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