Embarking on my Eastern Assault

My three week road trip started with a trip back to good old Hardwood Hills for the third stop on the Canada Cup series tour in Barrie, Ontario, which is about an hour north of Toronto. Weather was cool on arrival and quickly deteriorated to major showers for the first few days of the weekend. I was staying with my friend Tara Ross

I arrived on Thursday to Toronto and quickly blasted up to Mt St Louis (after a couple detours) which took about an hour since I was driving about 180km/h on the 400N to Barrie. I was driving that speed in the MIDDLE lane, as everyone in the fast lane was clearing two hundy. Ontario drivers are in a bit of a hurry. Anyhow, after a grocery store stop I arrived to see Gary and Monika hanging out on the porch waiting for me. They helped me into the house, showed me around and then showed me the cool 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 which is clearly an important member of the family, she is beautiful! Check the gallery for photos.

The next morning I went to ride the course in Hardwood and then went for a swim at the Barrie sport center. The swim felt much better than the ride. It started to rain that night and in the morning I woke up to showers. I got to the course at about 11:30 expecting the short track to start at 1pm, so I casually registered, chatted, and then asked about the short track. Well they then told me it started at noon and I was too late to register. A little stress for a warmup, got organized and finally entered, and then got ready to race at the REAL time which was 12:30.

Muddy short track with a bit of a hill (a big hill for Hardwood) and a cruise down the dirt jump park. I liked this short track much more than last year, a longer loop, we had some juniors to ride with, and mud to keep it interesting. I had a great start, shot out in front and then rode alone with some juniors for the whole race. Kiara Bisaro was second and Jean Anne McKirdy was third. Kiara went down somewhere on the first lap which helped me get the giant gap. So, race number one was a success

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