Do You Need A Coach? Do You Have The Right RADITUDE?

rad⋅i⋅tude  [rad-i-tood, -tyood] 

1. manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc., with regard to complete awesomeness, a tendency or orientation towards being totally rad, esp. of the mind: a positive raditude

2. the extreme desire to race hard and have fun


In 2010, Melanie McQuaid is inviting 10 lucky amateur racers to Mel’s Rad Racing Team.  As witnessed in 2009, MelRad Racing is the most visible, most fun and most professional team any amateur could be on.  In 2010, it gets even better.

The team is getting even more pro with more pros being added to the roster with Melanie.  Announcements coming soon!

So, when do you get the chance to race on a professional team but be an amateur?  When you are on Mel’s Rad Racing Team and your job is to seek your regional, national or world championships title but still be a great mom, dad, nurse, doctor, teacher or whatever it is that makes you an awesome well-rounded and great ambassador for your sport and your team.

The first round of invitations are going out right now for coaching.  If you need a coach for 2010, are looking to win races and want to focus on XTERRA and 70.3, there are a limited number of spots to be coached by Melanie.  Athletes on the coaching roster will be offered spots on MelRad Racing FIRST.  If there are spots left after the coached athletes have chosen whether to accept a team spot we will then send out an invitation for NOMINATIONS to the team. 

The number of spots left is extremely limited.

So, ask yourself, do I want to get to the next level?  Do I want to qualify for Hawaii?  Do I want to focus one year of my life on my sport and my potential?  If you do, there may be a spot for you to work with a three time World Champion, three time National and Overall Series Champion and fearless leader of the Raditude movement.

Contact us through the website.  Applications for coaching and the MelRad Racing team will only be accepted in November until the program is full.

2010 Raditude Tour…. are you in with MelRad?

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