Definition of XTERRA According To The New Melanie Dictionary of the Universe

I was recently asked to define XTERRA in my own words.



X-TERR-A [eks-tare-uh] noun; adjective;verb

beyond or more than an Olympic distance triathlon; a 1500m swim, 30- 40 km mountain bike leg, 10-12 kilometer run in variable environments –adjective (an XTERRA experience)
cooler or better than a road triathlon of any sort –noun (the XTERRA World Championships in Maui, HI)
Triathlon with something extra or additional including natural hazards, uncontrollable challenges or setbacks and unexpected beauty in nature. –noun (I am planning to race the XTERRA USA and European Tour)
To live to your ultimate potential. –verb (I am going to XTERRA as long as I possibly can)


I invite all of you to add your definitions in the comments section…

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