Come On A Ride With Me!

I have been in Gunnison, Colorado training this week and it has been fantastic. Slowly, things are coming around at altitude and I have had no trouble getting motivated in such beautiful surroundings.

The only bummer is August 1st is Ross’s birthday and last year he was here with me riding in the mountains on his day. This year, Jackie Burt, Susan DeMattei (Olympic medalist in Atlanta for mountain biking and Gunnison local) and I decided to go do "The Ross Birthday Ride" in his honor and we got some footage of the day. We rode Snodgrass Trail, Trail 403, Trail 401 and Rustler’s Gulch in that order. Actually, Ross missed Rustler’s Gulch last year but won’t next time!

Be forewarned, if you have never been to Crested Butte before you are going to need to go after watching this video. And one disclaimer: the music made it to the end in MovieMaker, but not in the movie. Sorry. 30 seconds of only real audio at the end.



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