Racergirl Television Episode 29: Crushing Maui Singletrack With Ryder

The title of this post says it all.  Ryder Hesjedal joined me for one of my workouts here on Maui to prepare for Worlds and I caught some of the action on my GoPro Hero3.  It was such an amazing day.  The trails above Makawao are incredible.  If you are a fan of Hornby Island you will love the stuff you can find here… fast, flowy and fun. Markus… I figure this might get you a little stoked! 

Enjoy the show!




Have you met my friend Marilyn?

One of my favorite people is Marilyn Arsenault, famous for her amazing Mindful Strides (www.mindfulstrides.com) running clinics. She is an incredible person with amazing talents ranging from opera singing to marathon running with quick wit and humor to the nth degree. She is awesome and so good at everything she does.


So she asked if I wanted to audition for The Amazing Race Canada with her and I agreed to, thinking the race was next year. Well it is actually this year and I don’t know what I would do if we got chosen but I know we had a fun time making this video. Marilyn’s friend Sarah was our director but really, she should have been in the video as well. She is as funny as Marilyn. I am hoping to get a Racergirl Television episode with these two gorgeous and vibrant women to talk about Mindful Strides as soon as they are back from Hawaii.


So anyway, enjoy the video. Why not apply, right?


Racergirl Television Episode 26: The SciCon Aerocomfort Bike Bag

I LOVE travelling with the Sci Con Aerocomfort bag.  It is incredibly easy to pack and so far I have travelled as far as Maui with my road bike and off to Fernie with my mountain bike and the bag has performed most excellent.


In choosing between this bag and the hard case, I have chosen the hard case for my time trial bike for racing only because of the disc wheel.  I am on the fence as to whether that would travel well in this bag or not and whether I should figure out a way to extra super reinforce it?  I will let you know after I talk about it with the uber-knowledgable Mark Andrews.

In order to pack my mountain bike, I used through axle adaptors for my bike rack inside the bag to hold the front fork. I ended up not worrying about the rear axle and instead just tied the rear of the bike down to the frame. SciCon has said they are going to offer adaptors for this frame inside the bag to accommodate mountain bikes. For road machines, however, this bag is unparalleled in design and ease of use.

Check this bag out.  Awesome. www.sciconbags.com


Racergirl Television Episode 24: 2013 Winter Training in Maui

The first video of the 2013 season is a love letter to Maui, Hawaii. Thank you to the Cronquists for sharing Xmas and lots of yoga with me, to the Jackson’s for homestaying me, for Jodi Jackson for swimming with me, for Aaron for watching NFL with me, to Steve and Jackie riding West Maui with me and for all of you for inspiring me. Here’s to our best season yet!