Melrad Multisport cycling training for triathlon

Mel’s Rad Coaching Minutes: One Leg Pedaling

This bike-skills focused coaching minute discusses taking a relatively common drill – one leg pedaling – and adds some functional challenges to it. When you ride the trainer and pedal with one leg, your bike is stable. This means the stabilizing muscles of the opposite (not pedaling) leg do not have to fire to keep your bike upright and heading forward. Similarly, a lot of upper body twisting and pulling is masked when the bike is bolted into a trainer.

In the winter, you can make this drill more effective by switching to rollers. If you can ride outside, choose a hill of 5-8% or a big gear, and test your stability while pedaling one-legged.  Both of these options create a more realistic instability on the bike to challenge your pedaling mechanics.  You want to be able to one leg pedal as efficiently as you can with both.  Using this drill, you will become much more aware of where you are inefficient in the pedalstroke.

Cues to think about when you do this drill:

  1. Watch your upper body for signs of rocking side to side or pulling on the bars so your front wheel is not rolling straight.
  2. Do you have inconsistent speed? If you aren’t pushing and pulling on the pedal with your leg you will lose momentum. Try to keep a very smooth and even production of force.
  3. To make #2 easier, focus the force on the pedal. Don’t collapse through the heel thinking that force is going into the pedal.

Incorporating one leg pedaling into your base season training, and combining with one leg OVERGEAR pedaling, will help improve your pedaling mechanics.  The more efficient you are pedaling, the more comfortable and powerful you feel on your bike.

Let me know how this drill works out for you!

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Racergirl Television Episode 29: Crushing Maui Singletrack With Ryder

The title of this post says it all.  Ryder Hesjedal joined me for one of my workouts here on Maui to prepare for Worlds and I caught some of the action on my GoPro Hero3.  It was such an amazing day.  The trails above Makawao are incredible.  If you are a fan of Hornby Island you will love the stuff you can find here… fast, flowy and fun. Markus… I figure this might get you a little stoked! 

Enjoy the show!




Have you met my friend Marilyn?

One of my favorite people is Marilyn Arsenault, famous for her amazing Mindful Strides ( running clinics. She is an incredible person with amazing talents ranging from opera singing to marathon running with quick wit and humor to the nth degree. She is awesome and so good at everything she does.


So she asked if I wanted to audition for The Amazing Race Canada with her and I agreed to, thinking the race was next year. Well it is actually this year and I don’t know what I would do if we got chosen but I know we had a fun time making this video. Marilyn’s friend Sarah was our director but really, she should have been in the video as well. She is as funny as Marilyn. I am hoping to get a Racergirl Television episode with these two gorgeous and vibrant women to talk about Mindful Strides as soon as they are back from Hawaii.


So anyway, enjoy the video. Why not apply, right?


Racergirl Television Episode 26: The SciCon Aerocomfort Bike Bag

I LOVE travelling with the Sci Con Aerocomfort bag.  It is incredibly easy to pack and so far I have travelled as far as Maui with my road bike and off to Fernie with my mountain bike and the bag has performed most excellent.


In choosing between this bag and the hard case, I have chosen the hard case for my time trial bike for racing only because of the disc wheel.  I am on the fence as to whether that would travel well in this bag or not and whether I should figure out a way to extra super reinforce it?  I will let you know after I talk about it with the uber-knowledgable Mark Andrews.

In order to pack my mountain bike, I used through axle adaptors for my bike rack inside the bag to hold the front fork. I ended up not worrying about the rear axle and instead just tied the rear of the bike down to the frame. SciCon has said they are going to offer adaptors for this frame inside the bag to accommodate mountain bikes. For road machines, however, this bag is unparalleled in design and ease of use.

Check this bag out.  Awesome.


Racergirl Television Episode 24: 2013 Winter Training in Maui

The first video of the 2013 season is a love letter to Maui, Hawaii. Thank you to the Cronquists for sharing Xmas and lots of yoga with me, to the Jackson’s for homestaying me, for Jodi Jackson for swimming with me, for Aaron for watching NFL with me, to Steve and Jackie riding West Maui with me and for all of you for inspiring me. Here’s to our best season yet!


Win a Polar RCX5!!

Polar USA is giving away a brand new RCX5 and all you have to do is GUESS WHAT MY MAXIMUM HEART RATE was at the XTERRA East Championships in Richmond, Virginia on June 10th..

The first person to guess the number exactly or, failing an exact guess, the closest person to that number without going over it, will be declared the winner!  You can submit your guesses at in the comments section for this contest.  

On July 9th I will post a screenshot of my heart rate file both here and on my Facebook page,  where you can see the actual numbers.  We will then announce the winner.

For a detailed description of the awesome prize you are going to win… enjoy this episode of RGTV.  The RCX5 is an amazing tool especially in conjunction with Polar USA’s website 

Best of luck to all of you.. now put on your thinking caps!

RGTV Episode 23: The 2012 AVIA shoe lineup and a new star for 2013

When I was in Richmond I did a little video to introduce the shoe lineup from AVIA. I also did a little fashion show of the new 2013 Avi-Mantis. That shoe may be available as early as December.

Also have some new music with an “athletic” theme from Darren Lowe.. tell me what you think!

Enjoy the show!

Racergirl Television Episode 22: Cooking With Peter Zambri Part 1

I was invited to do some cooking with Peter Zambri at his restaurant here in Victoria: What a fun day! We made two delicious dishes which are both super easy with amazing results. This is the prosciutto wrapped tomato.

The great thing about Peter is his long history in the kitchen and his overwhelming passion for the food. I was so excited to soak up the energy and his knowledge.

When you watch this video don’t mind the iPad in the background, Jacqueline was doing some video for the Zambris website.

Part two will air next week. Have fun watching!!

Racergirl Television Episode 21: Help Me Pick My 2012 Rudy Project Sunglasses and WIN!!

I have a tall order in choosing what glasses I should be running for this year’s racing adventures so I thought I would ask for a second opinion.  If you want to offer an opinion to me… you could win yourself a pair of the same glasses you think I should choose!

You have three chances to win by commenting on this video. You can comment here on my website, on my facebook page at or at my Youtube Channel at by commenting on Episode 21.  Three chances to offer a creative comment and three chances to win!

Please try to make the comment SOMEWHAT appropriate?  If it is offensive I will have to disqualify you through deletion.

There are no guidelines on what the comment should be so be creative.

Best of luck!!

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Racergirl Television Episode 20: Check out my 2012 Trek Speed Concept

I meant to do this show in transition at Oceanside but it got a little busy on race morning.

Instead you can enjoy a little peek at my new bike for TV Tuesday.

You can have one of your own if you go and visit your local Trek Store 🙂