Have you met my friend Jasper?

Jasper Blake is a phenomenal athlete as well as the funniest person I know.  In fact, I am pretty sure there is no one on the planet with a better attitude than he has.

He and his wife Jude just welcomed baby #2 (Ruby) into their lives and I thought I would say a big congrats publicly while sharing some of his best work with you.

Jazz is a legend.  Please read.. you won’t be disappointed 🙂


Gillian Kicking Butt

Gillian is Ross’s sister’s daughter.. so I guess she is my niece-in-law!  Haha.  Anyways, all of us are so proud of Gillian for winning the all around competition in her first dressage show.  She and Florine took 2nd place in her first dressage test, 1st place in her 2nd test and won 1st place overall (High Point) for the morning as she had the highest dressage test score of all.  

Gillian and Florian – the class of the field

I just wish I looked as beautiful and elegant at the finish of my races!

A long, long time ago, I started as a horsey person as well.  Although, I was always about speed as I barrel raced and did all the rodeo horse speed competitions.  I NEVER was able to ride as well or as beautifully as she can.  Congratulations on a fabulous performance Gill!


Ironman Arizona by Nicole Newton

This report has been submitted by Racergirl Nicole who had a fantastic day in Tempe – Melanie



Last week I kicked off another race season at Ironman Arizona. I have to admit, despite all of the long hours in the saddle, countless early morning runs, staring at a lonely black line at the bottom of the pool with glazed eyes, all of the little aches, pains, and a bit of mental anguish, it was all worth the 10 hours and 37 minutes I left on the race course in Tempe, Arizona. I can walk away from this race and say that in the close to 9 years of racing triathlon I had one of the best race experiences of my career. There were a number of reasons for this, the first being sticking to a finely executed race plan worked out with Coach Lynda, second remaining in the moment throughout each discipline, and finely having my close friend and number one kickin’ wing training partner Neily and her hubby Peter Clode (a Kiwi turned American pro triathlete) along for the experience.

Race morning I woke up at 3:30 AM to both Neily and Peter’s demise. At one point Peter remarked that I had it all wrong and that “people come home around 3:30, they do not get up to start the day”. Okay, so maybe he was correct, but we had a race start time of 6:45 AM and I still had to make killer coffee, eat breakfast, put on my snazzy new Fleet Feet race kit, and organize one last time for the adventure that was ahead. Surprisingly we made it out the door of our cozy retreat at the Holiday Inn with plenty time to spare prior to the race start. The minutes passed rather quickly and suddenly the next thing I knew Peter and I were zipping up our wetsuits and heading for the dock ready to make the plunge into the algae saturated waters of Tempe Towne Lake…..

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