Monday Night Going Off at SpinCity!

Just in time to start the build towards the coming season, your friends at Catalyst are going to offer pro spin sessions to get your ass in shape for 2012.  Why wait until January 1st?  We have the program starting sooner.

I am going to have a 10 week session of classes from 6:30-7:45pm on Monday nights where we are going to work on pedal technique, speed, power, endurance, overall strength on the bike, and best of all CORE strength!  Yes, my death trainer sessions include time OFF the trainer.  You are going to have so much fun.  I love these sessions… I get to rock out to all the bar music without people drooling, sweating or puking on me.  Oh wait, there might be some sweatiness.  I love me some Ke$ha, yo!  You can sign up online  … first 12 to sign up are guaranteed the awesome Cycleops spin bikes and don’t have to drag their bike and trainer around!

This class is for all levels… YOU control the majority of the suffering that you will endure.  No one is dropped, no one left behind, no one not having fun (at least when we are done) and everyone will get fitter doing this.  The class is geared towards a successful season of strong riding but anyone can do it.

Go to: Nic Hamilton from the Jellybelly team also has a fantastic class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings that you could choose as an alternative to mine or even an intensive weekend class if you are so OVER riding in the rain.  Or you can sign up for ALL of it and ride your bike like a mad fool over the winter.  Why wouldn’t you?

See you there!




Cover Photo Triathlon Magazine Canada

Thanks to Triathlon Mag Canada for the cover Laughing xo guys!

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Three for Three Article by Bob Babbit

This article was in the IM 70.3 World Championship preview.  Lets hope next year I live up to the hype 🙂




Melrad Racing Announces the 2011 Team Roster


Although the weather may not be indicative of it, the 2011 racing season is upon us and with that the 2011 Melrad Racing team has been set.  The team will compete alongside and under the guidance of three time XTERRA World Champion Melanie McQuaid ( and hopes to have another strong showing at all the regional XTERRA competitions and the XTERRA World Championships in Maui. This year the team will also expand into the Ironman 70.3 series and select mountain biking events throughout the US and Canada.
Veterans Keri Grosse, Fred Smith IV, Meiling Yee, Tim Holland, and Jo Markham will carry the team of nine riders with newcomers John Belair, Lance Thatcher, Whitney Houck, and Canadian Katie Button rounding out the now international squad. Tim, Fred, and Jo all achieved podium finishes in their age groups at the XTERRA World Championships this past October and hope to repeat again this year and Meiling Yee was Regional Champion.
The goal of the MelRad Racing team is to foster development within middle distance triathlon including XTERRA and 70.3 racing.  The athletes on the team have goals ranging from World Championship wins, Regional titles, future pro status, to general fitness and competitiveness.  Together the athletes send a powerful message to “push your potential.”
The team will be supported by Melanie and her sponsors including Avia (, Nathan (, Profile Design (, Powerbar (, Sundog Eyewear (, USANA (, Justin’s Nut Butter (, Squirt (, Genuine Innovations (, Cycleops (, Titec (, and ESI Grips (
Follow the team at and on Twitter at for fun stories and information during the season.

Nationals promo in XTERRA Magazine

What all the fuss is about…..



MelRad Racer Keri Grosse in the News

Keri has been having a great consistent year in 2009 representing the Northwest Region and MelRad Racing in style.  Recently she was featured on the XTERRA website after having a great race in Vermont punctuated with a win of a new Vasa swim trainer.  You can read about Keri and more of the amazing MelRad Racing team at  Loads of great stories are there….but on to the story of Keri…


Keri Grosse has been nothing short of perfect since winning the overall amateur female XTERRA World title last year in Maui.  The mother of four boys and physical therapist by trade, Grosse won her division at the first Cup race of the year in Nevada, at the Northwest Cup in Idaho, at XTERRA Solstice, the Northeast Cup in Vermont, and the overall just this past weekend at XTERRA Black Diamond.  To make things even sweeter, Grosse won the Vasa Ergometer they gave away in the raffle at Sugarbush Resort – a prize valued at $1,900. Here’s what she had to say about her new toy…

“A slow swim can be disastrous in an off-road race as starting in the rear of the pack then requires passing on a single track course which can be risky, frustratingly impossible at times, and energy consuming because of the necessary surges. Using the Vasa Ergometer allows me to work on swim power, strength, speed and endurance without ever touching the water, and when I do get to train in the pool I can concentrate on body positioning, breathing and gliding without ever feeling rushed or under trained for the other aspects of swimming. With a late career start and only 2 years of experience in triathlon I have been looking for the perfect training edge to get up to speed in a hurry with the competition and the Vasa has been the best ‘short cut’ that I have found.”


Hot Off the Presses

If you look closely at the photo you can see my left knee is all bloody and gnarly.  This section turned out to be somewhat sketchy when I tried it the first time and flew over the bars.  Luckily some shrubbery and Oli the art director broke my fall.  I really am behind the seat because I needed to be.  Laughing

Calling All Teams !!

The XTERRA West Cup is only THREE weeks away!!  Time to organize… how about the Mountain Mudders?  Or the So Cal Stompers? 

Whatever… put it on Facebook and call it good.  Cody and I are CALLING YOU OUT!!

New for 2009, XTERRA Team Competition

Cody Waite’s EPC Squad and the new “Mel’s Rad Racing Team”, a collection of 20-some amateurs racing under the wings of Melanie McQuaid, has inspired XTERRA to create a team competition for the eight XTERRA Cup Series races and National Championship in 2009.

In this first year the team competition will be a no-frills affair with nothing more at stake than bragging rights.

As such, XTERRA is encouraging individuals to join forces as a team with friends and family, other racers in their region, triathlon club, mountain bike group, facebook page, or whatever.

To register a team, the group leader or captain needs to email XTERRA communications director Ann Mickey at with the following:

1) name of team (keep it clean!)
2) name of team members (with age group)
3) what race or races your team will compete at

Note: You can have as many individuals on a team as you want

Scoring:  For scoring purposes, teams must designate four amateur athletes from at least three different divisions (all men, all women, co-ed, it doesn’t matter).

Each of the teams four designated racers will be scored on their finishing position in their division with points as follows:  1st (100), 2nd (90), 3rd (82), 4th (75), 5th (69), 6th (63), 7th (58), 8th (53), 9th (49), 10th (45).  In addition, each member will receive an additional point for every finisher in their division (for example, Joe Schmo finishes 1st in the 35-39 age group = 100pts, and there were 15 finishers in the 35-39 division so Joe’s score is 100 + 15 = 115).

Add together all four team members’ scores and the squad with the most points wins.  We’ll announce the results online as soon as possible after the event. 

There are no major rules, aside from signing up your team with Ann Mickey at least one week prior to the race in question, and handing Dave Nicholas (or the race director) the names and age groups of your four designated racers prior to the race start.  Of course, it would be cool if teams had unique jerseys, shirts, hats, outfits or something that unified the group – but for this first year that won’t be mandatory.

The ultimate goal of the team competition is to a) have some fun and b) create and expand on local networks of racers so groups across the country have friends they can swim, ride, run, and train with all year round.


Ever Wonder WHO Won The Contest??

Well it took me awhile to get a picture of the winner of this year’s contest… and a little bit of thought to decide who should win since I really didn’t GET a time at the World Championships this year.

Click HERE to meet our winner….

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Tahoe Silent Auction For Jamie

Well it is almost "GO" time for Nationals in Lake Tahoe, NV and the female lineup is looking better than ever before. Aside from the usual North American suspects we also have some of the top European girls coming over to join the party. Should be a great show on October 5th. However, conspicuously missing at the race she has won numerous times is Jamie. It is certainly not the same to be going into the finals with my perfect 300 score looking to close the deal and having her not there to battle with. To acknowledge her absence from the race circuit the pro field is looking forward to hosting a silent auction on Friday, October 3rd at the XTERRA Expo beside the Hyatt in Incline Village. All of us are donating some of our sponsor goods to the auction to benefit Jamie and Courtenay. I will be bringing a load of stuff including a signed jersey and singlet to the party as well as some more useful items for race day . If you chose to race in the same outfit as me on Sunday I would be okay with that, however!

If you are in the area you should definitely come by and join the fun. If you have anything you would like to donate to the auction, please contact me and I will help you to get it there.

As we are approaching "Jamie’s Race" I am reminded of an article I wrote about our rivalry. I wrote this article back in 2005 just before the World Championships on Maui. Jamie was going in as defending World Champion and I was looking to regain the title. I found this in the archives and thought it was great to read again to remember how our rivalry helped to shape the sport of XTERRA for many years. Jamie is fighting a new rival now: cancer. I am sure she will be battling cancer with the same intensity she brought to the race course but certainly she can use our help. As I prepare for the National Championships in Lake Tahoe I am remembering my favorite rival of many years while facing some new challengers that have brought a fresh perspective to the sport and bring a strong arsenal that I will have to work hard to overcome. We in XTERRA are supporting Jamie to the best of our ability and I invite you all to visit her website and offer some words of encouragement:

MY FAVORITE ENEMY by Melanie McQuaid

A rivalry exists when one strives to obtain something simultaneously with another – something which only one can possess. In sport, there can be only one winner, which is why sport inspires some of the greatest rivalries in history. A great rivalry is something quite special. It allows competing athletes to create a history in the sport beyond themselves. It allows their actions, their efforts, and their heart to be permanently recorded with the spirit of sportsmanship and competitiveness. I can think of some great rivalries which will forever be linked with that sport: Armstrong v. Ullrich (cycling); Evert v. Navratilova (tennis); Allan v. Scott (triathlon). The story of their competition remains vivid beyond the victories, and I feel proud that within the sport of XTERRA for the last three years I have participated in my own rivalry, McQuaid vs. Whitmore. Having close competition can be one of the greatest ways to explore your own ability as an athlete, and it can make even your losses become some of the best races of your career….


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