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hitch mount bike rack

Saris Superclamp EX Hitch Mount Bike Rack Review

Testing the Superclamp EX Hitch Mount Bike Rack

A hitch mount bike rack was on my wish list for a long time.  It took me five years to convince my partner that we needed one.  He drives the road tripping travel adventure machine with larger cargo space and snow tires. Without a bike rack, I was always complaining about disassembling wheels and seatposts and he would say: “Nature loves a vacuum.”  He did not want the rack as he figured the more space we had, the more I would fill with stuff.  But then came STEVIE!

Travelling with our furbaby adds a new dimension to our adventures.  With the crate, doggie toys, and booster seat we no longer have room for our bikes in the car so it was serendipity that Saris asked us to test the Freedom series Superclamp EX 2-bike hitch mount bike rack this summer.   This is the review our first hitch mount bike rack????? Read more

Custom Whips – Procity Style

So World Champs is the place to show off your best form and your coolest stuff. This year I went back and forth with the hardtail versus dual suspension debate. My BMC Fourstroke 01 is light, fast and agile in the technical stuff. My BMC Team Elite is lighter, faster uphill and has two bottle cages. So in the end I went with the hardtail.

Last year the course here on Maui was basically a dirt road race. They had graded the road so I expected the times for the bike to be WAY faster than ever before. I am still hoping for it to rain but if it doesn’t, I still don’t expect the course to be as rough and slow as in 2006. That said, I rode a hardtail in 2006 to a very fast time and plan to ride a hardtail this year to an even faster one.

So I went to Troy at Procity ( and said the hardtail was the choice, lets rock it up.

And WOW, did he ever! Some of the details on this bike are merely cosmetic but in the end he took another half pound off my bike and made it just a little more scary fast. All told I am more than a pound lighter…just off the bike. Those in the know know how much lighter in total Mel plus bike will be this year.

Now this is only important because in this race there are elements that must NOT be light… so those that can be… MUST BE.

Here are some taster pictures…read more to see more…and a full accounting of what I am going to ride this year at Worlds.



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Mel’s New Sense Travel Companions

No longer will TSA steal my face products.

Given I use eye cream like chapstick now this is the BEST thing ever! Thanks USANA….