Calling All Teams !!

The XTERRA West Cup is only THREE weeks away!!  Time to organize… how about the Mountain Mudders?  Or the So Cal Stompers? 

Whatever… put it on Facebook and call it good.  Cody and I are CALLING YOU OUT!!

New for 2009, XTERRA Team Competition

Cody Waite’s EPC Squad and the new “Mel’s Rad Racing Team”, a collection of 20-some amateurs racing under the wings of Melanie McQuaid, has inspired XTERRA to create a team competition for the eight XTERRA Cup Series races and National Championship in 2009.

In this first year the team competition will be a no-frills affair with nothing more at stake than bragging rights.

As such, XTERRA is encouraging individuals to join forces as a team with friends and family, other racers in their region, triathlon club, mountain bike group, facebook page, or whatever.

To register a team, the group leader or captain needs to email XTERRA communications director Ann Mickey at with the following:

1) name of team (keep it clean!)
2) name of team members (with age group)
3) what race or races your team will compete at

Note: You can have as many individuals on a team as you want

Scoring:  For scoring purposes, teams must designate four amateur athletes from at least three different divisions (all men, all women, co-ed, it doesn’t matter).

Each of the teams four designated racers will be scored on their finishing position in their division with points as follows:  1st (100), 2nd (90), 3rd (82), 4th (75), 5th (69), 6th (63), 7th (58), 8th (53), 9th (49), 10th (45).  In addition, each member will receive an additional point for every finisher in their division (for example, Joe Schmo finishes 1st in the 35-39 age group = 100pts, and there were 15 finishers in the 35-39 division so Joe’s score is 100 + 15 = 115).

Add together all four team members’ scores and the squad with the most points wins.  We’ll announce the results online as soon as possible after the event. 

There are no major rules, aside from signing up your team with Ann Mickey at least one week prior to the race in question, and handing Dave Nicholas (or the race director) the names and age groups of your four designated racers prior to the race start.  Of course, it would be cool if teams had unique jerseys, shirts, hats, outfits or something that unified the group – but for this first year that won’t be mandatory.

The ultimate goal of the team competition is to a) have some fun and b) create and expand on local networks of racers so groups across the country have friends they can swim, ride, run, and train with all year round.


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