2020 Tri The Dirt XTERRA Victoria

May 17-19, 2020

Tri The Dirt XTERRA Victoria is coming May 17-19, 2020!  Come to beautiful Victoria and ride some of the amazing network of singletrack the Garden City has to offer.

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You should plan to be in Victoria for a 5:30pm swim session on Friday night May 15.  The camp will run to approximately 4pm on Sunday with full days on Saturday and Sunday.  The final itinerary will be out two weeks before the event is held.

We are rolling out the 2020 Tri The Dirt team gear so if you want to be part of the first year of TTD sign up quickly.

 Watch a video preview of Tri The Dirt here

Whether you are a beginner who is just starting your adventures on the dirt or a veteran looking to find more free speed TRI THE DIRT is the camp for you!  This is also an excellent opportunity for riders to come to familiarize with the course and receive coaching on how to best race at this venue.  This is a NON COMPETITIVE skills based camp.  This is not about smashing yourselves with exertion, it is about mindful improvement through better execution.  Everyone will improve and will swim/bike/run/transition at their level.  The learning environment is positive, fun, and confidence building.  NO ONE GETS DROPPED and NO ONE FEELS LIKE THEY ARE WAITING!

This camp is skills based, so all of the training will be focused on technique.

We will teach you skills to tackle whatever your race schedule is throwing at you – roots, rock rolls, hills, and tight corners.  All of these obstacles require nailing the basic skills of mountain biking and some good run technique.  You will leave the camp with the knowledge of how to train to be better at this sport – not just fitter.  Offroad racing rewards technically sound athletes – so we will make you technically better at swimming, biking, running, and transitioning.

The camp will start with a swim session in open water.  Sighting, turns, pack swimming, and technique swimming in a wetsuit are covered.

Then there will be a run clinic on AGILITY and UP/DOWNHILL running.  Mountain bike skills clinics will start with the basics and we will progress to some common maneuvers that incorporate all of the skills.

Also included in the camp will be a session on nutrition, transitions, and a tech session on suspension and tires.

Looking forward to meeting you all at Tri The Dirt.  Space is limited… so don’t delay. Early bird pricing is $510 CAD plus GST.

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