NDSS Hall of fame

2019 NDSS Hall of Fame Induction

I was shocked to be inducted into my high school’s hall of fame on June 6, 2019 along with the 1977-1978 boy’s basketball team.  Thank you so much to Glenn Johnson and Gunnar Myhrer for the honor.

As much as I always wanted to be an athlete, I don’t think any ability was evident in high school.

It was appropriate that my dad accompanied me to the event because he has been my biggest supporter my whole life.  I was really proud that after all I put him through he was a part of a night he could also be really proud of.  We went for sushi after and he reminded me of some of the ridiculous things I did when I was in high school and we discussed a lot of the ways in which we are really similar.  It is so long ago that I went to NDSS but it is informative to think back on how I made decisions even then.

I thought I would share the words I spoke to the athletes, parents, and teachers in attendance at the event.  I hope they resonate with some of you.  Thank you again for the honor!

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