2015 IM 70.3 Los Cabos

Visiting San Jose del Cabo for the first time at the 2015 IM 70.3 Los Cabos

I’ve never visited San Jose del Cabo so the idea of racing IM 70.3 Los Cabos event was appealing- if only to tick a travel box while doing my job as a pro athlete.  Many aspects of this race were questionable in the final leadup to an Ironman event (Would I get sick from the water/food? Do I even need a race at this point? Would the airline travel challenge my immune system?) but I decided to stick to my Ironman Arizona plan as we originally laid it out and went.  It seems to have been a good decision.

I was better than IM 70.3 Las Vegas, I had a great swim and I had a great time.  Plus I won a bit of money, got some great exposure for Trek Mexico at the presser and I now have a whale shark BFF.  All around good times and noodle salad.


Pre race pomp and circumstance.

As far as the outcome, I ended up fourth behind Magali Tissyere, Carrie Lester and Ricarda Lisk.  It is no surprise Mags won as she was definitely the favorite coming in off her 4th place at the IM 70.3 Worlds and she was absolutely dominant.  Congrats Mags on finishing off your season absolutely flying J. Carrie had a very strong race taking second and Ricarda took third with the second fastest run, taking me out on the second lap on the run course and booting me from the podium (sad face for me but congrats Ricarda… you are amazing!)

My race started with essentially my career best swim.  I swam on the toes of the lead pack almost to the first buoy which made me wonder if those girls had food poisoning or motion sickness (note to self: it might have been better to be more positive to imagine you are just swimming fast).  Then Magali swam up on my left so we swam side by side around the first buoy but I decided to keep turning WAY too far and swam off course.  It took me to half way to the second buoy to chase back onto Ricarda’s feet.  After the second buoy I decided I wanted to head towards the lead again and went around Ricarda in time for Mags to then do a similar off course manouever at the last turn buoy so then I was leading second pack again.  I think this whole race report should be about this swim because it was the fantastic part of the day. There was some confusion as to whether we had to go around the last yellow buoy, which I did, which meant Ricarda and Mags had slightly faster swim times (I don’t think we had to… but no one knows) but that led us all into T1 about 45 seconds back from the leaders!  (this all despite the swim running VERY long.. not short!)

2015 IM 703 cabo swim

I like beach starts and salt water …. and my Blueseventy swim skin!

Out onto the bike I was fired up by my great swim but immediately disappointed in my legs.  They were so heavy and my cadence was labored and similar to Las Vegas I felt like I have no power.  I had the legs to do a tough training week last week but I am finding it is taking SO LONG for me to recover from my training blocks for IM Arizona.  I think I am coming in very flat for these races.  I did not ride like I can, period.  In addition, despite drinking three full bottles of Powerbar Perform with Saltstick tabs on the course and dumping water when I could on my head, I reached the 30km mark not adequately hydrated.  When it is as hot as Los Cabos I am certain now that I need at least TWO bottles PER HOUR. This hydration deficit did not play out well on the run.

2015 Bike Cabo

Onto the run I felt hot.  It was like running on the surface of the sun.  The hurricane missed Los Cabos but having that storm pass by left the area SO HOT!  No shade, hot, no wind, it was the hottest day since I had arrived in the mid 90s and I suffered.  Everyone suffered but unfortunately I could not hold the pace I needed to hold off Ricarda.  I was, however, holding off the other girls behind me so I didn’t melt completely.  My goal was a top 3 so no shame to be fourth behind those superstars in front of me and there were some very fast girls behind me as well- with Carly Johann taking fifth and a charging Amanda Stevens taking sixth.  I am not that impressed with my half Ironman ability in this block but I think my lack of specificity for half Ironman is hurting me at the moment  and I am struggling to find top gear for sure.  Hopefully this is the right recipe for a full Ironman because it is the one I am reading at the moment!  That being said, there is NO WAY I would have wanted to do a full Ironman that day. Congratulations to Michelle and Barrett on their Ironman debuts on such a crazy hot day! Congrats to both Jordan and her hubby Rich on their Ironman success!  You guys are amazing and so tough.

The great part of this race was how many people I got to know and to hang out with.   Thanks the the Edmontonians for welcoming me!   Thank you Magali for inventing the new rule that I benefitted from this weekend:  You beat me, you treat me!  Haha!  Classy and generous race winner J  Huge thanks for all of the great times with my fellow pros Patrick Evoe, Leon Griffin, James Hadley (fabulous race!!!), Brianna and Chris Baird, Amanda Stevens, Mags, Matt Lieto, Chris and Amy Bagg, Davide, and Tatiana Vertiz (my tour guide!!).  This group of athletes is so incredible.  I loved the post race banter and having a chance to gain some amazing insight from Patrick on Ironman and different kinds of training.  I wish him great success training under legend Julie Dibens.  I imagine Julie’s squad is going to be the next “super squad” everyone is clamoring to get into.

G0036149 640x480

Getting stoked to open water swim with whale sharks in La Paz – ready, set, go!

I also fell in love with this part of Mexico while I was there.  A lot of what I love about Maui is present in this part of the world and I can’t wait to return to explore some more.  The highlight was our open water swim with the whale sharks in La Paz, a ride on the PCH with Tati, swimming toward the arch with all the fishies in Cabo, dinner with the crew at Bar Estina and having my first Molcajete.  Amazing.

G0256227 640x480

I swam with this guy like the little fishies that chase after him.

G0296417 640x480

Good adventures with this crew!

Now I have to buckle down and focus on Ironman Arizona.  It is going to be an insane field I am sure so I better get ready to bring my best effort.

Thanks so much to my amazing sponsors and partners:  Trek Bikes, Shimano, Bontrager, Champion System, Blueseventy, Rudy Project North America, Powertap, Asics Canada, Frontrunners, Procity Trek Store Victoria, Synergy Wellness, USANA and Saltstick.   I am excited to finish off the season on a high note!  🙂

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