2013 XTERRA West Champs, Vegas

The kickoff of the North American pro XTERRA series was Saturday and although some of the global athletes were competing in New Zealand, the core group of XTERRA professsionals were on hand to duke it out for the points and money up for grabs in the 2013 season.  After the considerable amount of dust settled, Josiah Middaugh and Lesley Paterson were the top male/female athletes and I finished in fourth. 

 In the wake of the bombing in Boston I thought of how important sport is to so many of us.  Anyone in endurance sport knows that all of us our connected by our mutual passion for all the values that sport espouses.  I know I was riveted by the coverage of the event and was inspired by the top athletes- as were many of us around the world -so to end the day with a bloody attack at the finishline was raw and painful and disorienting… who would do that?  My heart goes out to the victims of that attack.  I read that an 8 year old boy died after giving his dad a hug the finishline.  That is heart wrenching.  Sport is about celebrating the human spirit and to have such a bright day darkened by people with such bad spirit is terrible.  We want to express ourselves through sport and through competition but at the base of it all we just want to be loved and have our loved ones be safe.  I am so sad today.  However, I am going to go back to swimming, biking and running and will participate in as many big events as I can in this lifetime because sport is part of my life and always will be.  One act of violence cannot prevent me from enjoying sport as much as I possibly can and it shouldn’t stop you either.  Much love to you Boston.  We will endure this and be stronger after.

I did recap the race on Saturday if you still feel like reading but I get that it is much less important than an event of the magnitude of the one in Boston so maybe you want to go for a run instead and I encourage you to go for a run today for Boston.

Anytime I get on the podium is a good day.  I am happy that there were lots of things to be happy about.  First, I managed to squeak into the lead group for longer than I ever have on the swim, cruising along in my new BlueSeventy wetsuit like a rockstar right up until I completely and utterly blew up.  I watched two pro men swim up to my right and tried SO hard to stay with them but I was in massive O2 debt.  When the main pack caught me I settled into the middle and the pace was so easy so there was nothing lost and some knowledge gained.  The first moment of female domination was when Christine Jeffrey came out in front of all the pro men.  Every guy got chicked.

Then we went out on the bike and I went back and forth with Suzy Snyder for most of the bike. My Bontrager 29-1 tires were really good in the sand as I kept riding past her in that section.  I would like to think the big fat tires were why I was slower on the uphills as Lesley Paterson was riding away  but I think I am just not in good enough shape.  We came off the bike too far behind to challenge the win.  Especially since the second episode of “You Got Chicked” was showing, as Lesley ran faster than all the pro men.  Wow.


My run was terrible.  My legs weren’t good as soon as I came off the bike which is frankly, lack of conditioning.  I am doing some weird things that I normally don’t do because of my hip and this time I tried to run with orthotics.  This was dumb since they were moving all over the place in the hilly terrain.  This honestly wasn’t terrible on the uphill but I couldn’t run downhill at all as I had no stability.  My Pearl Izumi N1 Run shoes are great but one must glue orthotics down for hilly courses if you must use them.  Shonny V caught me on the run but I managed to hold off fellow Canadian Danelle Kabush who rounded out the top 5 on the podium.  Congrats to Emma Garrard for her return to racing after having a baby and nice to see the other Canadian momma Brandy H on the startline.  I love that there is a good contingent of Canucks in the women’s race – Buttons you were missed!!

Now I have kicked off both 70.3 and XTERRA season with both races about the same in terms of performance, I have some work to do.  The level that the 70.3 athletes and the XTERRA athletes are setting for triathlon is certainly intimidating but I know I have more work to do and frankly, it is super motivating to have a big challenge.   I was there before so I know I can get there again with some time. 

Sometimes Taurus needs a reminder.  

I do need to get some training done before I go back to racing.  I am going to take a break to get some work done and reset my form before I race again.  In that time I have another visit to Wolf at Endurance Rehab and Pariac at Cyclologic in Scottsdale for some more help with biomechanics so that I can get back to high intensity training and hopefully back to my best performance.

Thanks to Trek and Bontrager for my amazing Superfly SL which I love love love to ride.  Thanks to Greg and Katie from Shimano for being there to cheer and chat about how perfect the XTR on my bike was that day.  Thanks to Champion System for the fantastic outfit that was so comfy.

The race day rig before full prep

Thanks Powerbar:  needed 7 gels and 3 bottles of Perform just for 2.5 hours. Thanks to Polar USA for the heart rate monitor that can objectively measure that performance beyond the results.  Thanks Rudy Project for the great looking helmets and glasses for both mountain bike and road triathlon. 

Mel n CJ the superswimmer enjoying some preride time rockin full Rudy Project helmet/glass combos 🙂

Shoutout to Blueseventy for a wetsuit getting me closer to the front group on the swim, so exciting!  Esoles rocks for putting together my recovery plan with my crew in Scottsdale and Houshang Amiri for helping build a solid program to come back, even if it is taking longer than I would like.   Thanks to Cycleops and Powertap for the power measurement devices for my bike and trainers that I find essential for my training.  Thanks to Pearl Izumi for shoes, USANA for supplements, Esi Grips and Sci Con Bike Travel Bags for the support.  Can’t do it without you guys.


My other passion can now be indulged thanks to spring #sevenwatermelonvarietiesthisseason

Another of my favorite things… very thoughtful gift from Kirk at www.esoles.com after a trip to Spain 🙂

Or unless I miss her birthday altogether… then we won’t be celebrating either.  Happy Birthday to @DayDeansBuchan1 🙂

I am standing in an awkward position hence my awkwardlookingness.  Podium.


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