2013 Day of Hope 10km

I have been on Maui for about a week now.  I came early to acclimate to the massive temperature shift from Victoria to Maui.  This year the trades are not blowing so the island has been very, very hot which is probably ideal leading up to the race.  I have almost never felt it be so hot here but I feel like I am adapting now after a week of being very careful to not overdo it! 

Most of the work for the World Championships was done before I got on the plane.  This week has been very low key with a couple of tuneup workouts and some fun rides in Makawao forest with my buddy and neighbor Ryder Hesjedal.  My skills are already improving trying to chase him on the trails riding his crazy frankenbike. 

The Makawao trails are like Star Wars in the trees.

I also got a chance to catch up with Linsey Corbin after her strong finish in Kona after a tough season of injuries.  I really enjoyed hearing her discuss how she managed her season.  I think she did a much better job of managing her injury and her mind than I did and I hope I learn something from talking with her.  She has a super pro attitude and approach to the sport.  I feel fortunate to have time with such successful athletes to help me refocus on the important details in the midst of a taper.

2013-10-15 10.41.32-1 640x640

Ummm what is he riding?? 

I decided that instead of doing a workout for running over the weekend I would just go run the Day of Hope 10km race instead to absorb some energy and enthusiasm for running. I am super glad I did!  Having missed the Run for the Cure at home due to other training commitments, racing a Breast Cancer fundraiser made me feel really good.  Like almost everyone, cancer has touched people in my life so doing a community event to raise funds feels good.  Added to that this 10km is very, very hilly so it was a good warmup for next weekend even if all the hills weren’t all at once. 

I had a great race and did battle with local speedster Sally and both of us set personal best times (for that course… not a good course if you want to set your best 10km time!) despite the heat and humidity in the morning.  The event was followed by a great breakfast at the Four Seasons, a lovely foot massage in one of the massage hales, an auction for some amazing hotel stays and some wonderful prizes for both the 5 and 10km race.  All of this was followed by a nice post race dip in the ocean.  Ahhhhhh!  I love training here.

It was a very strong training day as you can see from my www.polarpersonaltrainer.com file.   My average heartrate was 187 with a max of 198 coming up the last all uphill mile.  Heat really stresses the heart rate output!

2013 day of hope

Thank you to the Four Seasons Maui for sponsoring this event that has been going on for 24 years.  It is great to be involved in a community event with the added bonus that I have gained some run partners here on Maui for my training while I am here.  I will be here for a week after Maui to train for Australia so I have been enlisting workout partners.


Obviously I need to work on my watermelon growing skills.  I grew this exact variety to the size of a softball.  Hmmm.


2013-10-14 12.16.10 640x480

I want a surfboard fence at my house.

2013-10-16 18.26.50 480x640

Sushi Paradise.  Literally.


2013-10-18 17.08.27 480x640


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