Racergirl Television Episode 22: Cooking With Peter Zambri Part 1

I was invited to do some cooking with Peter Zambri at his restaurant here in Victoria: www.zambris.ca. What a fun day! We made two delicious dishes which are both super easy with amazing results. This is the prosciutto wrapped tomato.

The great thing about Peter is his long history in the kitchen and his overwhelming passion for the food. I was so excited to soak up the energy and his knowledge.

When you watch this video don’t mind the iPad in the background, Jacqueline was doing some video for the Zambris website.

Part two will air next week. Have fun watching!!

Announcing The Rudy Project Winners!

Well that was fun!  I really appreciate all who took the time to watch my video and weigh in on the debate as to which Rudy Project glasses I should wear this year.

So the winners were actually selected by Rudy Project themselves.  If you contact me after you read your name here I will put you in touch with Rudy to select whichever pair you would like for yourself.

Thank you for playing and stay tuned for more fun contests this summer!

Without further ado, here are the winning comments and a brief description of why:

From www.facebook.com/melmcquaid:

Why?   The first comment to connect “REVENGE” with Maui ended up a winner

Ruud Witte: Hi Mel, it is all about a “revenge” of last years Maui race. so that’s the one I should choose. The revenge makes you faster, stronger and younger:-) Go Vegas


From www.YOUTUBE.com/racergirlmel  

Why?  Seems like a true Mel fan…

Mel, you look great in all those lenses. Go with the Revenge, they fit you really well and make you look tough as nails! Plus that tint is dark enough, at the post race interviews, no one will notice you looking at the chocolate instead of the camera. Also, I bet they’ll be the best at keeping you from getting a little niggle in your eyes while racing. Best of luck to you this season.



From www.melrad.com comments section:


Why? Pretty darn creative…

Jake Frackson 2012-04-16 19:23

The competitors are rippin through Quebec at the Tremblant 70.3. Out of nowhere a mysterious beast on two wheels shows up. Gliding along on the sickest trek speed concept yet, a mysterious new racer slices through the pack. With the hottest new Hyper Mask glasses from Rudy on and a ridiculously aero helmet to boot, the mysterious heroine shreds through the French Canadien landscape. Who is this mysterious racer? Of course it’s no other than Mel McQuaid! Representing the radest part of Canada, the beautiful West Coast! Mel kills it again and dominates the women’s field with a landslide victory! – Just a prediction from one of your West Coast fans, keep up the rad racing! PS lovin’ the latest Racer Girl vids

Fun post-Oceanside 70.3 Interview With Triathlete Magazine

I had a quick chat with Aaron Hersh at the finishline in Oceanside, CA about my race and my new Trek bike. You can tell I was somewhat stoked about the event.


I meant it when I said XTERRA is where it is at. Although I am in the process of adding some paved challenges to my schedule as we speak 🙂


I decided maybe I need one more kick at the 70.3 World can.


Enjoy the show.

Chek News March 2012

Since I was very sick on the weekend there was little opportunity for me to create the RGTV episode I was planning featuring the XTERRA Vegas course. The only thing more annoying than the constant UM punctuation I tend to use when I speak is sentences punctuated with a barking cough. For this reason, RGTV will not be aired this week.


Luckily I have a feature from Chek news that really tells a story about Victoria, BC. My hometown is an absolute factory for endurance champions from a variety of sports disciplines. The folks at Chek were kind enough to do a feature on me after I won in Oceanside and I really like the story because of how it describes how the other athletes in Victoria are really an inspiration to me.


There is a training camp in Victoria at the end of the month hosted by the Pacific Cycling Center (www.pacificcyclingcenter.ca) I am planning to participate in. If you are looking to do a Granfondo this summer or do the Victoria Grandfondo on July 24th you may want to take part. Houshang Amiri is leading a camp specifically geared towards that event that I think is going to be great training for me and my half Ironman goals as well. Check out his website and maybe we will ride together?

Thanks for all the support, next up is the AVIA Wildflower triathlon in California. Time to get healthy and then get back to work.

2012 XTERRA West Championships, Las Vegas, NV

Despite having what I consider the strongest army behind me going into battle on Saturday, we arrived unarmed.  I fell sick on Wednesday and deteriorated quickly heading into race day.  Racing with bronchitis is not ideal and my performance reflected that.  The Oceanside win indicates very strong early season form which was my savior when I went into the race at partial capacity so all things considered 5th place is pretty awesome for how I felt.

Big congratulations to Renata Bucher for winning the first XTERRA of the season and to Lesley Paterson for defending her stripes with an awesome and thrilling sprint finish to the line.  That is the kind of edge of your seat racing the super fast ladies in this sport are capable of… great job girls!  Emma Garrard continues to impress with her third place and Danelle did her gazelle impression as usual galloping through the field to fourth.  I did put up as much fight as I possibly could and although I have to admit I didn’t put up much of a fight when I saw Danelle coming I did pull it together for about 200m to not let Suzy Snyder push my free fall any further to hold fifth when she ran me down.  Sorry Suzy!  🙂

My season goals leave very little margin for error.  I have 3 series XTERRA races at which I must score points to hope to win the overall at Ogden in September and the first of those races was this Saturday.  I also have to race enough 70.3s to qualify for the worlds.  This means I will miss one XTERRA event to make that happen.  The choice was to race the West Champs in Vegas to gather as many points as I possibly can in poor health, consider not racing the overall XTERRA series at all (or just give up the hope of a high overall finish) by not coming to Vegas, or maybe consider missing a high point 70.3 race which may prevent me qualifying for 70.3 Worlds.  None of the scenarios were ideal but the choice was obvious.  If the race was a half Ironman or longer my choice would be made: I wouldn’t have enough to finish that difficult an event.  XTERRA being only 2.5 hours of suffering was a manageable task and although I knew I wouldn’t be great I knew I could finish for points.  Too bad mother nature made it as hard as possible to complete!  XTERRA is never easy.

I am also acutely aware of how much effort goes into me arriving at races kitted out the way I am.  My new Superfly was custom painted, built and broken down in a complete rush in order for me to have the bike I was hoping for on race day.  After all that, Rax Waxham from the racing division also called to make sure it arrived all right and patiently fielded my questions on how to use all the cool stuff on it.  There are more people invested in my racing than just me so I was focused on making the most of whatever I could for all of us.  I needed to meet that bike in Vegas so not getting on the plane to at least TRY to salvage my season opener wasn’t an option.  All things considered, fifth was a successful bid to still achieve our goals and probably the best I could have hoped for.  Well, had Danelle not caught me in the last 500m I could have hoped for fourth maybe, haha!

XTERRA Photos:  Lesley dropping Mel as we catch Katherine Ross

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Racergirl Television Episode 21: Help Me Pick My 2012 Rudy Project Sunglasses and WIN!!

I have a tall order in choosing what glasses I should be running for this year’s racing adventures so I thought I would ask for a second opinion.  If you want to offer an opinion to me… you could win yourself a pair of the same glasses you think I should choose!

You have three chances to win by commenting on this video. You can comment here on my website, on my facebook page at www.facebook.com/melmcquaid or at my Youtube Channel at www.youtube.com/racergirlmel by commenting on Episode 21.  Three chances to offer a creative comment and three chances to win!

Please try to make the comment SOMEWHAT appropriate?  If it is offensive I will have to disqualify you through deletion.

There are no guidelines on what the comment should be so be creative.

Best of luck!!

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2012 IM 70.3 Oceanside: The Gamechanger

The best way to erase a bad memory is to replace it with a good one.  Goodbye end of 2011, hello 2012.  BAM!!

OMG Stoked! Gani Pinero @endurapix.com

I couldn’t be more thrilled to start off the 2012 season with my  partners with the biggest 70.3 win of my career.  How great is that to give your supporters a boost in confidence right off the bat, huh?  I have had some confidence that I have been keeping somewhat quiet as I slowly built my form towards this season.  To be honest, I wasn’t thinking that I could win given how strong the field was in Oceanside and I was just starting my season.  To nab the top spot on the podium was the most killer feeling that came entirely unexpectedly.  But I think you need some background to understand why this win is so special to me.

First, I would like to thank the incredible female professionals who pushed me so hard on Saturday that I managed to crush my own time from last year’s race by 12 minutes.  Heather Jackson created a great battle before taking second- thank you and wow you are so talented and undoubtedly have many successful years ahead of you.  To Meredith Kessler in 3rd, you are a class act- it was so inspiring to even catch you out there after such a fast swim!  Rachel McBride from Canada, who also rode a Trek Speed Concept to the second fastest bike time in Oceanside, had a breakthrough race to eventually hold 4th place overall. Congratulations to my teammates Linsey Corbin and XTERRA World Champion Lesley Paterson who rode their Trek Speed Concept to 5th  and 6th place on the day.  4/6 top spots on Trek Speed Concepts.  If you aren’t riding a Trek, why not? READ MORE FOR THE REST…..

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Racergirl Television Episode 20: Check out my 2012 Trek Speed Concept

I meant to do this show in transition at Oceanside but it got a little busy on race morning.

Instead you can enjoy a little peek at my new bike for TV Tuesday.

You can have one of your own if you go and visit your local Trek Store 🙂