Racergirl Television Episode 19: Recovery Strategies

Loads of research is presently going into recovery strategies as everyone attempts to learn how to better regenerate the human body.  We do all of this crazy training to challenge our bodies to repair themselves and come back stronger, so the theory is that if you can bring your body back faster you can then do more training and thus push yourself to higher levels.  However, incomplete recovery will push your fitness and performance in the opposite direction and you will find you get slower.  Being very attentive to how your body is feeling is important.

In this episode I discuss some of the activities I find are most effective in allowing me to do more training during a given block.  There are a million conflicting opinions on what works.  This is what works for me.  I welcome any criticism, comments or suggestions but please know I am not saying I am the end all, be all, know it all of this stuff.  This is an OPINION and is entirely based on what works for me.

Enjoy the show!  I did say that I would share the Allan Lim rice cake recipe.  Read more if you would like to have it.


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Racergirl Television Episode 18: Playing Squash With Jazz and Ben

This TV Tuesday takes us to Cedar Hill where Jasper Blake (www.jasperblake.com) and I took a squash lesson from Ben Uliana (www.facebook.com/CedarHillSquashClub).  Seriously fun times.

I usually smash the squash ball around in the off season.  I find it is a good addition to my strength program because it forces me to do a million lunges while being distracted by a pesky, not very bouncy ball.  The game itself is excellent for releasing tension as you can hit that ball as hard as you like and it is fast moving so you can’t get bored.  The game is also fantastic for developing focus as without 100% attention to where the ball is going you simply can’t play well.  All in all, good “training” when you don’t feel like training.

I am not nearly as talented as the superstar Jasper is and it shows in this video. This is a good introduction to the game, to how funny Jasper is and what a great coach Ben is.  Enjoy the show!

Racergirl Television Episode 17: 2012 Island Cup #1, Victoria, BC

This past weekend I did my FIRST RACE of 2012, christening the Superfly 100 with some sweet singletrack in my hometown. The Island Cup Series is a fun local race series that really brings cross country, downhill and Super D racing to all levels in a fun, low key and inclusive kind of way. Good times on a bike.


My training partner Jason Binab was participating in his first ever mountain bike race and, true to his gangsta roots, he took the win in Intermediate men. This instantly elevates him to Sandbagger status as he is no longer allowed to race in anything but Expert.


I also had a great day on the bike, taking the win in the Expert chicks category with local superstars Dawn Berg and cyclocross supermom Wendy Simms taking 2/3 respectively. All in all a lot of fun, I learned a lot about riding my new bike (which was the point of the race) and I never get to race anything this technical unless I trek to the Pisgah Stage Race so good times all around.


It seems the Chesty mount for my GoPro HD2 does not work with my stem slammed really low for aerodynamics so that camera angle on the trails sort of sucks. But you can get a good, hard look at the ground. Haha!


Enjoy. Next Island Cup is next weekend in Cobble Hill but Mel probably won’t be at that one since I think I am going to go run instead. We’ll see. That race really was a lot of fun.

I meant to post results at the end of the video but it looks like it got messed up… so read more if you want to find the results!

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Racergirl Television Episode 16: The AVIA Bolt XZR Racer

Welcome to TV Tuesday!

In today’s episode, I will introduce to you the new Avi Bolt XZR, the newest trail racer brought to you by AVIA.  I have had a chance to run in the shoe for a month now so I can offer you some of my thoughts on the shoe as an option for racing this season.  It really is a great addition to my arsenal for XTERRA racing and I know you are going to love it as well.

So on with the show?

www.avia.com for more information!